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Welcome to the Division of Fine Arts and Humanities at Xavier University of Louisiana

In the Division of Fine Arts and Humanities, the departments of Theology, History, English, Languages, Art, Music, and Philosophy (THE LAMP) join forces to realize Xavier University’s mission of promoting a more just and humane society by preparing future leaders who communicate clearly and coherently in writing and speaking; appreciate aesthetics and creative activities; employ literary and historical perspectives to
understand the world’s diverse cultures; are acquainted with a language other than English; and enjoy an evolving perspective on African American culture and heritage.

Through coursework, research and internship opportunities, study abroad, and service learning activities, graduates from this division are prepared to tackle a multitude of challenges and blaze pave new roads to future success. Graduates of THE LAMP follow the national trend in reporting greater satisfaction with their careers than majors in technical or scientific fields."

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Fine Arts and Humanities