Brand Tools

Brand Guidelines and Toolkit

University Seal 

Vertical and Horizontal

Full color University seal in vertical and horizontal form. This should be the primary seal lockup used in all external-facing documents. The seal lockup can be used in either a vertical or horizontal configuration.

Xavier Seal Dont’s 

Do not Manipulate the Seal

In order to ensure the integrity of the Xavier brand, it is important to not manipulate the format of the seal. Never tilt, reshape, reformat, or stretch the seal markup in any way. Do not overlay the logo on an image where it becomes difficult to see. Never add your own typefaces or graphic elements to the seal.


When to use Primary of Secondary typefaces

The official serif typeface of the University is Montserrat and Minion Pro, which were chosen for its combination of traditional and contemporary styling. Secondary typefaces may be used only if the primary typefaces are not available.


Please refer to the graphic on page 28 on how to order stationery

Xavier University Brand Colors 

Xavier University Brand Colors 

The Xavier work mark was developed to brand an informal identity of Xavier University. To accommodate different design possibilities, several approved work marks are available. Choose the version that best suits the style of your communications piece. The Xavier work marks should not be altered in any way.