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Hello Xavierites, future Xavierites, and all those who find the community here. Thank you for your interest in our renowned Pre-College Summer Programs. We are so proud to uphold a nearly 50-year legacy of providing summer opportunities for academic enrichment, mentorship, career exploration, and lifelong friendships.

We are excited to be able to offer you our excellent programs in person for 2022! All the details are further down this page. Each year we host a variety of summer opportunities for middle school and high school students to enrich their academic and social development. Students from around the country and around the world pursue their passions in a rigorous academic setting while connecting with peers, mentors, and instructors. With exciting programs in math, science, and humanities, we offer the unique opportunity to explore an area of interest on a deeper level through in-class discussions, hands-on projects, and cultural explorations. As part of the learning experience at Xavier, you will enhance your high school career and get a jump start on your college life.

Join us in summer 2022 and discover what it means to be a Xavierite.

Bethany Stone, M.S.

Coordinator of Pre-College Programs
Office: 504-520-7590
Cell: 504-356-1109

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MATHStar I - Students who will be taking Algebra I in Fall 2022 will get an academic jumpstart. This three-week, commuter program moves quickly to cover basic algebra concepts like variables and algebraic expressions, equations, word problems, polynomials, and graphing. Students attend lessons taught by highly qualified instructors and are guided every step of the way by current XULA undergraduate students who serve as tutor-mentors. Guest speakers and interactive projects allow students to see themselves as math pro.

BIOStar - BIOStar is a collaborative, engaging, intensive preparation course for high school introductory biology. Students are exposed to a wide swath of biology concepts and the most crucial tenants of the discipline, supported by instructor lessons, labs, and guest speakers. Students participate in projects and group activities, culminating in a final project presented during the awards ceremony. *Please note that BIOStar is not appropriate for students who will be taking AP Biology in Fall 2022. It is a strictly introductory course.* 

MATHStar II - Students headed for Geometry in Fall 2022 take an action-packed approach to explore the fundamentals of Geometry and sharpen their skills to take on more advanced problems. Students attend lessons taught by highly qualified instructors and participate in activities that make Geometry come alive. Guest speakers and interactive projects allow students to see themselves as a math pro. 

CHEMStar - ChemSTAR is a three-week commuter program focusing on concepts and skills designed to help students entering high school introductory chemistry in the fall. Students engage in interactive lectures, breakout drill sessions, and team projects designed to enhance their scientific knowledge and skills. Guest speakers with advanced degrees in chemistry spark interest in career opportunities. *Please note that CHEMStar is not appropriate for students who will be taking AP Chemistry in Fall 2022. It is a strictly introductory course.* 

SOAR X - Stress on Analytical Reasoning (SOAR) is the flagship XULA Pre-College Program, established in 1977. SOAR X is a new iteration of the legacy, a 4-week intensive residential program endeavoring to prepare the next generation of highly educated professionals for success into and through college. Steeped in Xavier’s mission to “contribute to the promotion of a more just and humane society by preparing its students to assume roles of leadership and service in a global society,” the innovative SOAR X program allows students to customize their summer experience and collaborate with peers from all over the country and the world. Students choose between two social-justice-focused tracks: SOAR X STEM, focusing on pandemics and public health disparities, and SOAR X Humanities, focusing on protest and civil disobedience. SOAR X provides early exposure to college life and a career in the health science and law fields. Students are challenged, tested, and held to a high standard of excellence as they discover how they will change the world.

Programs Dates Times Program Fees
MATHStar I - participants will take Algebra in Fall 2022 June 6-24, 2022 9 am to 4 pm CST $500
BIOStar - participants will take Introductory Biology in Fall 2022 June 27 - July 15, 2022 9 am to 4 pm CST $550
MATHStar II - participants will take Geometry in Fall 2022 June 27 - July 15, 2022 9 am to 4 pm CST $500
CHEMStar - participants will take Introductory Chemistry in Fall 2022 June 6-24, 2022 9 am to 4 pm $550
SOAR X - College-bound rising 11th and 12th graders June 20 - July 15, 2022 Residential $2000, includes housing and meals

Admission Requirements

Please Read All Directions Before Completing The Application.

Applications for the Star Programs are reviewed and students are admitted on a rolling basis. Spots for SOAR X are limited, and any application received after the priority deadline may not have a chance to be considered. Therefore, we strongly encourage applicants to complete the process as early as possible. The application process is selective and based on specific requirements including school records, recommendations, and/ or a personal statement, depending on the program. A completed online application and all required materials must be received before the review of the application begins. Please send all required materials together to avoid any delay during the review process.

Please see important application due dates below. Programs fill up quickly, so please apply early!


SOAR X Deadline

March 1, 2022

SOAR X priority application deadline.

*All applications received past this date will automatically be considered as alternate/waitlist*

March 15, 2022

The first round of SOAR X acceptances sent

April 1, 2022

SOAR X deposit due or spot forfeit

May 1, 2022

The second round of SOAR X acceptances sent

June 10, 2022

Final SOAR X payments are due



Star Programs Deadline

May 1, 2022

MATHStar I/CHEMStar application deadline

May 31, 2022

MATHStar I/CHEMStar final payments due

June 1, 2022

MATHStar II/BIOStar application deadline

June 15, 2022

MATHStar II/BIOStar final payments due

Program Items You Must Complete For Application
MATHStar I, MATHStar II, BIOStar, CHEMStar A copy of your latest report card. (Must be submitted electronically with application)

Recommendation completed by a teacher or counselor familiar with your work. (Must be submitted electronically via email from the recommender to 

Link to UPDATED SOAR X Recommendation Form

A copy of your high school transcript. (Must be submitted electronically with application)


All application materials must be submitted electronically with your application. Recommendations ONLY may be submitted via email to with the participant’s name in the subject line.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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