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English is among the most versatile of degrees.


The truth is, there is a sort of magic to be found in an English Department. Think of it. The books. The piles and piles of books. Some read, some to be read. Some...simply loved. Take a look in the office of an English professor and you'll often find towers of books, each individual volume a testament to a love of the written word.

Step in that office and you'll find someone ready to talk to you about writers, and writing, and (most important) YOUR writing. Ready to make you a better writer, a better reader. A better communicator. A person ready to present his or her knowledge, ideas, and passions through writing and speaking. A person able to, through critical thinking skills learned in English classes, make sense of the world. A person, through skills honed in the English curriculum, ready to take on that world.



The English department is smaller than other departments, which makes for a close-knit environment.The connections between student and advisor often are strong. And it is not uncommon for students to be mentored by additional professors who share common interests.


We offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in both ENGLISH and ENGLISH/ENGLISH EDUCATION. In addition, students enjoy our robust writing minors: CREATIVE WRITING and PROFESSIONAL WRITING.

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The Xavier University of Louisiana Library is transforming its structure and services to better suit student needs. The library will soon implement new programming and expanded amenities through partnerships with the Student Academic Success Office (SASO), Student Affairs, and the Xavier University of Louisiana Police Department (XUPD).

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Dr. Biljana Obradovic, Professor of English at Xavier, recently released a book of poems by Zvonko Karanovic that she translated from Serbian. The book, “Sleepwalkers on a Picnic,” features an afterword written by Dr. Obradovic. Dr. Obradovic’s other publication to come out this year is a collection of essays, “Heavenly Muse: Essays on Poetry,” by the late poet, Philip Dracey that Dr. Obradovic edited. She also provided an introduction, interview, and tribute for the collection.

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