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Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program is a need-based Federal Financial Aid work program funded by the United States Department of Education. The program is designed to assist students in obtaining part-time employment with on-campus departments and off-campus community service agencies.

Xavier University of Louisiana administers this program in accordance with the federal regulations, and policies issued by or on behalf of the Department of Education, as well as its own institutional policies.

Students interested in (FWS) should file their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as early as October 1st . each year at FWS is offered to eligible undergraduate, and graduate students who document financial need when completing their FAFSA for the next academic year. College Work-Study program has limited funds, so not all qualifying students will receive an offer. It is not a grant (you must work to earn funds), and it is not a loan (you do not have to repay it).


Who qualifies for a work-study offer?

  • Completed your FAFSA as early as October 1st.
  • Indicated an interest in work-study employment on your FAFSA
  • Qualify for need-based aid which is determined by your FAFSA results
  • Enrolled or accepted for enrollment as an undergraduate, or graduate at the institution
  • Must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)


Xavier Work-Study Program

Xavier’s Work-Study program is designed to help our students earn employment skills which will enhance their resumes by acquiring skills and valuable experiences. Students are able to earn funds to help meet their indirect costs of attending college while working around their class schedules. Students cannot work more than 20 hours a week and earn a minimum of $12.00 an hour on campus and $15.00 an hour off-campus (community service).
Job assignments are assigned by the Work-Study Coordinator.


Steps to Apply:

  1. Apply for Financial Aid by completing the FAFSA There is an option stating if you would like to be considered for work-study. Indicate “yes” and you will be notified of an offer if you meet eligibility requirements and funds are available.
  2. Accept your financial aid offer on Banner.
  3. Once accepted you will be notified to attend a Work-Study orientation. You will learn how to become a successful work-study student worker, complete required I-9, L-4, and W-4 forms, complete Banner Web Time Entry training, and sign your work-study contract. Orientation dates will be provided in advance. All students (new and returning) must attend an orientation before they can begin working at the assigned site.

Note: Because of limited funding, you need to apply early. If students are interested in the Federal Work-Study Program but have not been offered, you may complete an FWS or FWSCS request form. Flyers around campus and online will indicate when the forms are available.



FWS offers are as scheduled:

  • Up to $ 2,000.00 annually for freshman students
  • Up to $ 4,000.00 annually for upperclassmen (sophomore, Junior, and Senior students)
  • Up to $ 4,000.00 annually for Graduate students  

FWS On-Campus employment students have the opportunity to work in different departments around campus. For example:

  • Financial Aid Office (File clerks & Call center)
  • Intramural Sports (Fitness Center)
  • Human Resources (File clerks)
  • Pharmacy Department  

FWSCS (Community Service) Off-Campus employment students have the opportunity to work in the community. We have partnered with the schools (elementary-high school), and non-profit organizations in Orleans Parish. For example:

  • CLASS Act: (After school program)
  • Mary Bethune Charter School
  • St. Rita Catholic Schools 

Note: Students offered FWSCS must pass a drug and background screening.



XULA Supervisors & Student Workers

Documents and Forms 


Xavier University of Louisiana Federal Student employment annual- download to view 

This handbook serves to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. For additional information, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships located at Xavier South.


Supervisory Manual Student Manual Student Manual
Departmental Request Forms FWS Request Forms FWSCS Request Forms
Supervisor Rules/Regulations FWS Rules/Regulations FWSCS Rules/Regulations
Supervisor Tracker Student Tracker Student Tracker
Approval Payroll Schedule Submission Payroll Schedule Submission Payroll Schedule/Pickup
Manual Timesheets FWSCS Manual
Performance Evaluation


A student can earn up to the amount of their financial aid work-study offer. It is the student's and the supervisor's responsibility to monitor and track all earnings. 

  • Please follow our Financial Aid Twitter account as FWS reminders, news, and updates will be posted. 
  • Please take time and complete our “We’re Listening” Work-Study Survey


Frequently Asked Questions

College work-study is offered to eligible students who completed their FAFSA by XULA priority deadline March 13th . First come, first serve basis

Work-Study funds are paid out only when the student works the contracted hours.

No, work-study students are not eligible for paid vacation, sick leave, holidays, or medical and dental insurance through their work-study job.

Students can apply for Federal Work-Study under federal student aid: US Citizen, Eligible Non-Citizens, US National or US Permanent Resident

Student's eligibility includes a review of financial need, the amount of other financial assistance available to the student, and available funds. If there are any questions regarding financial aid eligibility students should contact the Financial Aid Office.

No. Students may only be employed by one job by Xavier University of Louisiana. Students must notify the Departmental Supervisor and Work-Study Coordinator when considering a different employment position.

A student's main objective is to pursue an education. The student may also review his/her work schedule with the supervisor to make preferred adjustments if applicable. However, the student may elect to decline any portion of his/her Work Study offer at his/her discretion. When adjusting the Work-Study offer, students must contact the Federal Work-Study Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office to complete the necessary paperwork.

Employment in a foreign country is not permissible under the Federal Work-Study Program.

The maximum number of hours that is allowed to a student is 20 per week. Working hours can vary from early morning to late evening and weekends depending on the hours of operation in each department and the student's availability.

Students are paid Bi-weekly 

Note: Pay schedules are sent via email each semester.

Yes, students less than half time are eligible for FWS. The ONLY exception are students enrolled in teacher certification programs where the state (not the school) awards the credential must be enrolled at least half time to receive FWS.