New Students

Preparing for XULA

As you embark on your new journey as a college student, we know that your transition experience is an important one! Our New Student Orientation program is geared to acclimate you to college life at Xavier University, its programs and services. From start to finish, the New Student Orientation program will assist you to prepare yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally to start your college career off in the right direction!

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Adjusting to XULA

Orientation has concluded. Your parents and families members have re- turned home. You are starting to connect all of the dots from New Student Orientation. Classes have begun. It is time to completely adjust to your new home for the next few years.

What does adjustment mean? As a new student, you should strive to find normalcy and a level of comfort in your new schedule, newly found inde- pendence, living arrangements, and the Xavier University culture as a whole. There are no time restraints attached to your adjustment period. Some students will adjust quickly and others will take a little longer. Ulti- mately, the goal is to make the adjustment to Xavier at YOUR own pace.

Here are a few tips that may aid you in becoming more adjusted during this crucial time of your life:

The University is aware of the challenges that you may face as a new student. Therefore, we have collected the best faculty and staff members to be on your “Transition Team”. The Center for Student Leadership and Service, Counseling Center, First Year Experience, and the Student Academic Success Office are only a few elements of the campus available to help when you need assistance. Additionally, Peer Deans remain a rich resource for all new students throughout the academic year. Feel free to stay in contact with your Peer Dean as they are upperclassmen and can share transition wisdom with you.

Although you are in a new place and phase of your life, your parents and families are still there for you! Making the effort to regularly communicate with them is crucial to your adjustment period. You are never too busy to share a few moments with loved ones each day!

Journey back to the time when you decided that Xavier University was the correct school for you. Keep that purpose in mind and regularly remind yourself of your purpose of being at XULA.

As you begin to meet more people on campus, you will notice that we have a diverse Xavier community. From different nationalities to religions, we have a fluid mix of people who all deserve the same level of respect. This is the time to meet other people who share a distinctively different background than you and learn about their heritage and perspective. This will only enhance your experience while at XULA.

Although you will learn a host of other lessons throughout your first year, you must hold true to those important lesson you learned back home. Your parents and families have done a great job preparing you for this role in the world. When you are making decisions and enjoying your time here, please remember to keep those lessons and values close.

There is no cost for Orientation. However, we encourage that you bring spending money for events and other things you may want to do.

Your ability to connect with other students and organizations can be the difference between making a successful adjustment and not-so-great adjustment. Although expressed in different ways, all new students are nervous and hesitate to talk to complete strangers. However, by connecting to different people and organizations, you can find other students who are facing some of the same challenges that you may face. Building this support system is an important element of your first year experience.

Going to college means you will accept more responsibility. You must be responsible in managing your stress and time. Learning methods to manage stress and time will only improve your ability to successfully adjust to this new life as a college student.

During this period, you may be homesick and finding it hard to focus on adjusting; however, you must avoid collecting bad habits and empty methods to cope with challenges you may face. If you feel yourself falling into the wrong crowds or developing bad habits, take a few moments to visit the Counseling Center for some suggestions to keep you on track.

Excelling at XULA

Now that you have prepared for and adjusted to XULA, it is your time to make the best of your experience as a Xavierite and start your journey to graduation. Below is a comprehensive list of a few reminders as you finally make this your home!

As cliché as it may seem, there is truth behind you creating the experience you wish to have. Being active on campus, attending events, and connecting with new people can make the difference between a “good” and “great” experience at XULA.

Create a list of goals and tasks, which you wish to achieve before the end of your first semester. These goals and tasks can be related to the classroom or perhaps within a club or organization on campus. The idea is to set out a plan of action for your semester. You want to feel accomplished at the conclusion of your first semester.

Being an active participant in community service is an important element for all Xavierites. Visit the Center for Student Leadership and Service (UC-316) for information on upcoming service opportunities.

Before you realize it, you will be sending graduation invitations to family and friends. In order to get to this point, you have to take baby steps to make this a reality. Take heed to all of the tips above and you can substantially increase your chances of being successful.



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