Department of Physics and Computer Science

The Department is making strides to explore opportunities as a research-oriented department that will ensure hands-on development of the concepts in physics and engineering.


The Department of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering (PCSE) is a vibrant place that is home to engineers and scientists who study and conduct research in a wide range of multidisciplinary science and high-tech fields. 

Our department provides a scientific foundation for learning, discovery, engagement, and innovation. These opportunities support a well-founded understanding of the principles and theories of the computing sciences in order for graduates to attain leadership roles in their careers or as they enter graduate school. Grounded in a liberal arts foundation, the Computer Science major appreciates the responsibility to be an ethical service-oriented professional with a broad understanding of computing.

Our faculty have diverse research interests including graphics, robotics, web design, evolutionary computing, parallel processing, the theory of computing, software engineering, women in computing, narrative intelligence, knowledge engineering, artificial intelligence, database, and image processing.

Differences between Computer Science, Engineering and Information Systems

  • Computer Science is the study of the methods and techniques to make computers faster, easier to use, and more capable of solving today's problems and anticipating solutions to tomorrow's challenges.
  • Computer Engineering includes designing and assembling hardware and software components into cost-effective systems.
  • Computer Information Systems is the integration of business intelligence and computational principles to find feasible solutions to business-related problems


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Department of Physics and Computer Science