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The profession of Pharmacy is an exciting one, which continues to evolve with the changing health care industry. Practitioners are trained to deliver pharmaceutical care in dynamic and diverse health care environments.

Xavier College of Pharmacy strives to administer academic programs that prepare graduates to excel in a progressive practice.  Pharmacists continue to be responsible for the oversight of all medication distribution systems but are also more involved in direct patient care. Pharmacists have the responsibility of providing pharmaceutical care, patient counseling and drug therapy monitoring, with the expected outcome of improving a patient's quality of life.

Pharmacy practice settings include retail pharmacists (independent and chain drug stores), hospitals and clinics, and long-term care facilities. Pharmacists also work in the pharmaceutical industry, state and federal government, academia, research organizations and a variety of other professional practice settings.

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The Xavier University College of Pharmacy holds a place of distinction among the nation's colleges of pharmacy. The College is dedicated to bringing minority youth into the learned profession of pharmacy. For years, Xavier has been among the top three producers in the nation of African Americans with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Even with that commitment to minority education, the College remains open to all races.

The mission of the Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy is to prepare pharmacists to impact the medically underserved communities, particularly African Americans, in an effort to eliminate health disparities through patient-centered care, community service, and scholarly work.

The COP has a dynamic and integrated curriculum designed to help students excel in the practice of pharmacy; in particular, to impact medically underserved communities...

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White Coat Ceremony honors P2 students who completed their 1st year with a 4.0 

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Following in the the steps of Xavier's foundress, St. Katharine Drexel, our ultimate purpose is to promote a more just and humane society through educational means...

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College of Pharmacy by the Numbers

Top 4
College of Pharmacy in the nation for graduating African Americans with Doctor of Pharmacy Degrees
Degree Program
73% of 2019 graduates
were accepted into a PGY1 post grad residency program of the total that applied

Keeyan Davis accepts the Bowl of Hygeia Award, the highest honor bestowed by the College of Pharmacy.

P4 Keeyan Davis of Harvey LA received the Bowl of Hygeia Award, the highest honor bestowed by the College of Pharmacy, from Dean Kathleen Kennedy during the COP Hooding & Honors Ceremony. The award recognizes the individual who best models the characteristics of an outstanding future pharmacy practitioner.

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