Safety Information

Safety Information

One should never forget that personal safety is of utmost importance. Xavier University is a relatively safe campus. However, personal preparation and vigilance is needed to continue that trend. The following information and suggested practices are designed to make you more security conscious and prepared to take responsibility for your own safety.

Xavier University's locale

Xavier University is located at the tip of the Sixth Police District. Parts of Xavier University, including some parking areas, are located in the Second Police District. The Xavier University Police Department maintains excellent working relationships and lines of communication with both Police Districts.

Crime Prevention Programs

The Xavier University Police Department employs the Community Policing Model. XUPD prides itself on being a part of the Xavier University community. Part of the service to the university, XUPD provides informative educational programs concerning personal safety with the goal of minimizing the opportunities for Xavier University community members to be victimized. The crime prevention programs are designed to encourage student, faculty, and staff to assist the Xavier University Police Department in securing the Xavier community. Pamphlets, security alerts and bulletins, articles in the Xavier Herald and educational programs concerning personal safety are some of the mechanisms used to disseminate information to the Xavier Community. Programs are provided during new student orientation, residence hall meetings, and staff institutes throughout the year. Additionally, the Xavier University Police Department provides information about campus crime, crime trends and crime-related incidents in an effort to aid in the prevention of similar occurrences.

Reporting Violations of University Policy or Municipal, State and Federal Law or Ordinances

As a matter of policy, the University urges all members of the Xavier Community to report violations of University regulations, municipal, state and federal ordinances or other emergencies to the Office of University Police immediately. Violations may be reported in person or via campus telephone ext. 7490 or 520-7490 or Code Blue Emergency Call Towers located on campus. University Police Officers will respond quickly and initiate whatever action is necessary to resolve any situation, including the notification of the New Orleans Police Department, Fire Department, or the Medical Emergency Service agencies when appropriate.

Code Blue Emergency System

As part of the Xavier University Police Department's continuing efforts to improve campus safety, the Code Blue Emergency System has been installed. This system uses call towers that are located in various parts of the campus and are activated by pushing the red button located on the front of the tower and speaking normally. When activated, the towers call the Xavier University Police Department via a telephone line dedicated to the system. Additionally, when activated, the system allows the Xavier University dispatcher visual surveillance of the tower and the immediately surrounding area.

Emergency Messaging System

Xavier University Police Department utilizes cellular telephones and other wireless communication devices to send mass notifications to the University community. The emergency messaging system allows Xavier University community members to stay abreast of safety information, extreme weather alerts, and other important information via text and email. The messaging system is a voluntary option, except for resident students. Community members can sign up for the campus alert system through the Xavier University website.

Xavier University Police and the New Orleans Police Department

The Xavier University Police Department participates in crime mapping and prevention programs with the New Orleans Police Department. The city charter designates the local police department as the chief law enforcement agency and responsible for the investigation of serious criminal activity committed on campus. Xavier University Police routinely report crimes involving drug violations, property, and violence, possession of firearms or personal injury to N.O.P.D. As a practical matter, however Xavier students, faculty and staff who are victims of campus crimes will receive faster response if they seek the assistance of the Xavier University Police Department prior to reporting the incident to the New Orleans Police Department.

Access to University Facilities

The university buildings and facilities are generally intended for the use and benefit of the students and employees of the institution. Students, employees, visitors and guests seeking to utilize university facilities are expected to make prior arrangements with the appropriate university office or the Office of Student Services. The general public may attend cultural and recreational events on campus, with their visitation limited to the facilities in which these events are held.

Campus Police Services

  • Securing and Opening Buildings
  • Vehicle, Bicycle and Foot Patrols of properties 
  • Enforcement of University Rules and Regulations
  • Enforcement of State Laws & Municipal Ordinances
  • Investigation of Criminal Violations & Auto Accidents
  • Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Programs
  • Emergency & Personal Escorts Services
  • Security Surveys (on & off Campus)
  • Special Details and Dignitary Operations