Institute for Black Catholic Studies

IBCS 2020

June 28, 2020 – July 17, 2020

Applications for the 2020 Degree Program

Now Being Accepted


IBTH 5010 Black Approaches to Theology – Stresses the nature, methods and sources of Black Theology; the reasons justifying its existence and its relationship to other theologies within the Roman Catholic Tradition. Required for all new students. (3 units) Professor Modeste Nyimi, Ph.D.

IBTH 5430 Black Spirituality – Black spirituality is rooted in the history and experience of African American peoples in the United States. This course will engage students in a critical examination of the roots, development and characteristics of the spirituality of Black peoples in the United States as well as a participative experience of Black spirituality as found in the religious expression of the community. (3 units)   Professor C. Vanessa White, D.Min.

IBTH 5050 Catechetics – Discusses particular problems and approaches for catechetics in the

Black community. (3 units)*   Professor Fr. J. Derran Combs, Ph.D.

IBTH 5600 Moral Questions in the Black Community – This course studies ethical and moral questions of special importance or which raise special problems for the Black community and Black Church. (3 units)*  Professor Shawnee Daniels-Sykes, Ph.D.

IBTH 5625 Catholic Education in the Black Community - This course looks at learning styles among Black children and provides methodologies for a culturally inclusive curriculum. (3 units)   

Professor Kirk Gaddy, Ed.D.

IBTH 9997 Integrative Colloquium – Students learn to enter more deeply into a way of thinking, reflecting, conversing, and writing about questions and issues that emerge from their ministry and ministerial research. They are assisted to meet the goal of preparing successful drafts of (a) the major theological research paper and (b) the Practicum proposal. Required for all new students. 3 units)

Professor Albertina Walker Hughey, Ph.D.

* Updated course descriptions pending

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