JW Carmichael, Jr. Pre-Medical Scholarship


Increase number of African-American / Black medical doctors in the United States.


The goal of the scholarship program is to award current XULA sophomore pre-medical students two-year scholarships for junior and senior years.  The scholarships are exclusively for XULA students who wish:

  • To attend medical school after XULA graduation; and
  • To become medical doctors.

The program is also aimed exclusively at XULA undergraduates who display: 

  • Excellent undergraduate academic records through the first 3 semesters of XULA;
  • A high degree of financial need (as will be documented) to continue XULA education; and
  • An early and consistent level of medical school preparedness, as evidenced by course selection, active engagement with the XULA Premedical Office, and preparation of supporting materials and actions for applying to medical school.