Department of Political Science

The Political Science program is designed for students who aspire to active leadership roles in promoting a more just and humane global society. Completing the political science major will: 1) increase competence in the understanding of the principles of government and political thought; 2) develop awareness and understanding of global political and economic issues; 3) enhance skills in statistical research and quantitative analysis; 4) maximize abilities to read critically, speak effectively, write clearly and think analytically; and, 5) facilitate abilities to apply moral and ethical analysis to political issues.



Xavier University has a chapter of Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity international and an active Pre-Law Club. The Pre-Law Club sponsors legal professionals speaking on careers and specializations, LSAT preparation packages, law school application seminars, and field trips to local courts and law school recruitment conferences.

International Affairs 

Students with international interest are encouraged to participate in a semester abroad and take additional courses in a foreign language. XU is affiliated with many study abroad sponsors, e.g. School for International Training and Council for International Educational Exchange. Students may also join one of the four international clubs on campus: African Students’ Association; Asian Students’ Association; Caribbean Students’ Association; and the Culture Club. In addition, the Center for Intercultural and International Programs provides immigration and other assistance to students.

American Government, Public Affairs, and Public Administration 

Xavier University has an active Politics and Policy Club (P2C). P2C promotes awareness of issues and career opportunities in public affairs and public administration. The Club sponsors public affairs professionals speaking on careers and specializations, GRE preparation packages, graduate school application seminars, and field trips to local agencies, schools and programs of interest.

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