Department of Mathematics

Xavier University's Mathematics Department offers varied options in coursework and major areas of study which are designed to give the student a sound foundation in the Mathematical Sciences. Successfully completing one of the programs will prepare the student for graduate school or to enter a variety of careers, including actuarial science, banking, engineering, medicine, law, and teaching, among many others. Several opportunities exist for financial aid and scholarships.

In addition to traditional courses, the Mathematics department offers several applied courses in mathematics such as Mathematical Modeling in the Life Sciences and Operations Research; statistics offering in Regression Analysis and Experimental Design; and mathematics education offerings in the History of Mathematics and Modern Geometry. A wide variety of interdisciplinary courses such as Bioinformatics, Computational Science and Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Data Science can serve as excellent electives for math, math education, and statistics majors.


The Department of Mathematics offers three majors:

Math Education Program

The Mathematics Education degree fulfills all the requirements for a state teaching certificate in

addition to providing the student with a strong background in mathematics. Students who choose

this major are well prepared either to enter the teaching field immediately upon graduation or to go to graduate school. The Mathematics Education major takes thirty-one semester hours of mathematics,
thirty-three semester hours of education, three semester hours of statistics and three hours of 
computer science.

Math Program

The Mathematics major has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of career options and to encourage students to pursue a second area of interest by means of a double major, a double minor, or a combination of concentrations. A major in Mathematics coupled with a strong minor in accounting, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, physics, psychology,

sociology, or statistics uniquely fits one for a number of career choices as well as for graduate

school. A Mathematics major takes 42 semester hours of mathematics, three hours of statistics and three hours of computer science.

Statistics Program

The Statistics degree is offered in cooperation with the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans (LSUHSC). The Statistics program offers Xavier students the opportunity to obtain both a B.S. degree from Xavier in Statistics and an M.S. degree in Biostatistics from LSUHSC in only five years. This program contains 34 semester hours of mathematics and statistics along with a computer programming course. Twenty-four (24) of the statistics credits are taken at LSUHSC and are credited toward both the B.S. degree at Xavier and the M.S. degree from LSUHSC.

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