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 The truth is, there is a sort of magic to be found in an English Department. Think of it. The books. The piles and piles of books. Some read, some to be read. Some...simply loved. Take a look in the office of an English professor and you'll often find towers of books, each individual volume a testament to a love of the written word. 

Step in that office and you'll find someone ready to talk to you about writers, and writing, and (most important) YOUR writing. Ready to make you a better writer, a better reader. A better communicator. A person ready to present his or her knowledge, ideas, and passions through writing and speaking. A person able to, through critical thinking skills learned in English classes, make sense of the world. A person, through skills honed in the English curriculum, ready to take on that world. 



The English department is smaller than other departments, which makes for a close-knit environment.The connections between student and advisor often are strong. And it is not uncommon for students to be mentored by additional professors who share common interests. 



We offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in both ENGLISH and ENGLISH/ENGLISH EDUCATION. In addition, students enjoy our robust writing minors: CREATIVE WRITING and PROFESSIONAL WRITING.


English & English Education

The University offers a B.A. in two programs

1) A full English major degree prepares students for graduate school in English and the humanities. Write to Department Head, Dr. Oliver Hennessey, for information (

2) An English Education degree leads to certification to teach English Education (grades 6-12). For information, contact EE Director, Dr. Robin Runia at

Creative Writing (CRWT)

Students interested in exploring literary writing may enroll in CRWT courses; the CRWT minor (18 hours) allows students to focus on polishing their skills. Workshop-style courses are available in Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Dramatic Writing; the Creative Thesis option is also available to qualifying students. For more information, contact CRWT Director, Mr. James Shade at

Professional Writing (PRWT)

Professional Writing classes help students to improve their prose, giving them confidence in writing on the job or for publication.  PRWT classes, taken as electives, can help a student to improve his or her “public” writing. The PRWT minor (18 hours), when combined with the major of one’s choice, can prove to be a winning combination. (Looks great on a transcript!) For more information, contact PRWT Director, Ms. Katheryn Laborde at

Double Concentration (PRWT/CRWT)

double concentration (24 hours) in PRWT and CRWT is also available. For more information, contact  Ms. Katheryn Laborde at


New Voices

New Voices is the annual literary journal that features the writing of Xavier students and alumni. Each issue is put together by students enrolled in Journal Practicum (CRWT 2141/2143) classes.

New Voices publishes essays, short stories, poems, plays, and reviews of literary work throughout the year. Submit work as an attachment to an email sent to  Be sure to include an introductory letter and contact information in the body of the email. 

If you would like to be on the staff, sign up for CRWT 2141 (1 credit hour) or CRWT 2143 (3 credit hours). Journal Practicum classes are offered on a pass/fail basis and may be repeated for credit. 

To purchase copies of the journal, write to New Voices advisor, Dr. Biljana D. Obradovic ( Feel free to email her with any questions.

Xavier Review & Xavier Review Press

Xavier Review, which has been publishing since 1980, is a professional literary journal edited by Mr. Ralph Adamo, who also acts as Executive Editor of Xavier Review Press. In addition, English faculty members serve as Contributing Editors. 

Individual subscriptions are $20 per year (Institutional: $25). You may read the most recent issues at

Xavier Review Press publishes scholarly and creative works in the arts and humanities.  The not-for-profit press, active since 1988, publishes one to two books a year, as well as Xavier Review. 

For more information about either press or journal, contact Managing Editor Katheryn Laborde ( Send submissions and queries to

XU Literary Reading Series 2019-2020

Jericho Brown

Tuesday, Sept. 24, 7 pm, UC 205C

Sandra Yannone

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 7 pm, Admin 220

Bill Lavender

Thursday, Nov. 7, 7 pm, Admin 220

Student Poetry Reading

Thursday, Nov. 14, 5:30 pm, Admin 220

Toi Derricote

Thursday, Feb. 13, 7 pm, Admin 220

Student Poetry Reading

Thursday, Mar. 19, 5:30 pm, Admin 220

Other readings 


The Truman Capote Literary Trust Awards 

The Truman Capote Literary Trust has been the CRWT program’s major benefactor for over a decade, providing two annual scholarships to continuing Xavier students. Scholarship winners are chosen on the merit of their manuscripts by a judge (a professional creative writer with no affiliation with Xavier).

Entries are due in January. For more information, contact Mr. James Shade (

XULA Research Scholar Mini-Grants 

We invite undergraduate student researchers to apply for CUR's new XULA Research Scholar Mini-Grants.

This is an exciting opportunity for students to gain experience writing grant proposals. Funding for these mini-grants is provided by the XULA NIH BUILD (Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity) Program and the Title III, Part B program.

Student proposals should be cleared by their faculty research mentor as evidenced by submission of the faculty mentor's biosketch or CV. We strongly suggest that students have their application responses reviewed by a faculty research mentor before submission. CUR will facilitate Proposal Writing sessions. Interested students can visit CUR (St. Joe 308) or email for scheduling details.

See the attached Request for Proposals for more information. The attached Application form must be submitted in completion for consideration. Further Questions? Contact Dr. Ja'Wanda S. Grant | 504-520-5066 |


For more information, please contact Department Head, Dr. Oliver Hennessey (

For more information about the Department of English, click here.

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