Xavier Exponential

About Xavier Exponential


Power up your Xavier experience through interdisciplinary, collaborative and innovative approaches to learning that also effect positive social change.

Enhanced Leadership

Honors students will excel as thought leaders and scholars in their respective disciplines and in the global society.

Powered Up: Honors students will participate in annual retreats with emphasis on professional and leadership development.

Why? To promote a more just and humane society, we will need leaders in all sectors (science, health, government, education, business and grass-roots)

Global Engagement

Honors students will excel in global literacy through engagement in courses in international studies and study abroad.

Powered Up: Honors students can apply for funding to support study abroad and international experiences as well as activities with an international focus.

Why? With technology advancing exponentially, global issues have an increasingly local impact. Exposure to international and diverse ways of thinking, living, and being will support the development of culturally responsive leaders.

Career Preparation

Honors student will have early access to select research, internship, and externships through partnerships and alumni starting in freshman year. 

Powered Up: Honors students will prepare holistic portfolios that document their academic, leadership, and co-curricular experiences and achievements that will make them competitive for job placement or graduate/professional program admissions.

Why? The job market is increasingly competitive requiring college students to supplement course work with real-world experiences.


Incoming first year students will be invited to participate based on a holistic assessment of their admissions application. Factors considered will include but are not limited to:

  •  GPA
  •  Test Scores
  •  Class Rank
  •  Leadership
  •  Service to Local Community

Other characteristics that demonstrate a student’s ability to be successful in the program.

Benefits of Xavier Exponential

  •  Access to highly selective research, internships, and abroad experiences
  •  Specialized advising for national fellowships and awards
  •  Special access to speakers and distinguished guests
  •  Funding for research
  •  Funding for study abroad
  •  Annual Honors Retreat

Xavier Exponential Design Team, Inaugural Class '22/24

Leah Bishop
Licia Bravo

Erin King

Jallure Harrell

Royce Hooks

Ted Holmes
Bria Ward

Xavier Exponential Advisory Council Members

Dr. Amy Bellone-Hite (Sociology)

Dr. Linda Blakley (College of Pharmacy)

Dr. Stassi DiMaggio (Chemistry)

Dr. Wendy Gaudin (History)

Dr. Nadrea Reeves (Alumni Rep)

Dr. Mark Quinn (Business)

Ms. QuoVadis Webster (Pre-Medical Director)