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As part of the NASA MIRO program, the Chemistry Department at Xavier University of Louisiana (XULA) in collaboration with Georgia Institute of Technology (GATech), Auburn University, and Army Research Lab (ARL) is seeking a postdoc for 2 years to conduct fundamental research in electrochemical energy storage systems. The project involves functionalizing polymer surfaces for compatibility with lithium metal anode; ceramics electrolytes, and evaluation of their physical and electrochemical properties using a variety of measurement techniques; investigation of the electrical conductivity (ionic and electronic) using AC impedance measurements; establishing the structure-property relationship of electrolyte materials; investigation of the interfacial kinetics between electrode materials and polymer electrolyte.

The candidate will develop high performance electrolyte materials for high energy lithium-ion batteries, plan and conduct research, supervise graduate and undergraduate students, prepare manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed publications, present papers at scientific meetings, prepare reports and papers for group meetings. In addition, the ideal candidate should have excellent writing skills. Other responsibilities include developing and maintaining laboratory equipment and facilities.

Facilities include a lithium ion battery glovebox, Arbin 2000 battery tester, field emission scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope, chemical vapor deposition, dual magnetron sputtering system, high field NMR, three Gamry potentiostats including charge-discharge and impedance capabilities. In addition, there are additional facilities at GaTech and Auburn University. Since this a collaborative project, the postdoc will spend time at GaTech, Auburn, and NASA Glenn Research center.

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Materials science, or related scientific or engineering discipline.

  • Considerable experience with the characterization and testing of polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries.
  • Considerable knowledge and hands-on experience with a wide variety of laboratory instrumentation, including impedance measurement.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team
  • Experience in thin film growth using evaporation, chemical vapor deposition, and sputtering is desired but not required for this position.
  • Good skills in the use and maintenance of laboratory equipment.

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