The Offer Notification

Once Xavier University of Louisiana has your official EFC from the Federal Central Processor and you have been officially admitted to the university, we will notify you of your eligibility for aid. Generally starting in early May of each year an award offer will be posted on the BANNER Web for students. This notification will specify all the aid for which you are eligible. Read the Terms and Conditions, as it will include information on how to accept, reduce, or decline an award. If you are awarded a loan, you have the right to decide if and how much you want to borrow. You may accept a loan in full, refuse in full, or accept an amount less than offered.

If you have applied for scholarships or state financial aid programs, we may not be aware of those awards until you or the agencies notify us. If you know of additional awards that you will be receiving (awarded, not applied for), you will need to notify the office of financial aid. If additional awards are not reported and recalculated in your financial aid eligibility, you may later have to repay federal, state or institutional aid awarded and disbursed to you.

The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to revise awards based on new information (i.e. outside resources, data corrections due to the verification process, etc.) If your eligibility changes, a revised award notification will be posted on BANNER Web for students. Your actual receipt of payment will depend on your continued eligibility and your enrollment in the required number of hours required for each award program.

To accept your award, please follow these steps:

·         Go to Xavier University's website:

·         Click Banner Web, click Log in to Secure Area.

·         Enter your User ID and your PIN (the month, the date, and last 2 digits of your birth year).

·         Select Student and Financial Aid.

·         Click on Virtual Financial Aid Office, then on Electronic Award Offer.

·         Click on Award Offer by Aid Year, and select the Aid year July 202_ - June 202_ from the drop menu, then click “Submit”.