Department of Psychology

The mission of the Department of Psychology is to prepare students to critically apply the science of psychology to understand themselves and others in a diverse and dynamic world.


The Psychology Program strives to provide its students with a thorough foundation in the methodology of contemporary psychology. Students successfully completing the program are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science and are prepared both for graduate study in psychology and related fields, and for career opportunities in psychology and other areas at the bachelor’s degree level. The Program offers three tracks-Psychological Science, for students pursuing graduate school or careers applying their degree; Psychology Premedical, for students pursuing medical school or graduate training in health fields, or careers in related areas at the bachelor’s level; Neuroscience for students pursuing graduate training in neuroscience, medical school or other professional health programs, or careers in related areas at the bachelor’s level.

Students are expected to acquire and exhibit the following academic and professional characteristics:

  1. Mastery of subject matter across the field of psychology,
  2. Competence in written and oral communication skills,
  3. Research design and quantitative reasoning skills,
  4. Proficiency in critical thinking about mental and behavioral processes, and
  5. Poise, self-confidence, and a commitment to ethics in science.
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