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Key Priorities

Student Safety, Security, and Continued Learning

  • Financial need for students: Need-based financial assistance, which is a core need for all students, will continue to be the lifeline for students to remain part of the Xavier academic community.
  • Food Security: Aside from the students currently remaining on campus, there are a significant number of commuter students who rely upon the Food Pantry and Dining Hall at Xavier. 
  • Storage needs: Xavier has taken on the cost of renting storage units for students who had to leave immediately. 
  • Technical needs: For most students, obtaining immediate access to technology will facilitate their virtual learning, and this is necessary for academic progress.  This includes laptops, software, and connectivity.

Faculty, Staff, Vendors, and Community Members

  • Transition to virtual instruction and classroom: Faculty members require the most relevant technology to adapt Xavier education to the new COVID-19 AND post-COVID-19 reality.  This includes the purchase of laptops and technical equipment for virtual classes, professional development to help faculty adapt to new instruction practices, and necessary virtual assistance to ensure student success in learning practices.
  • Infrastructure and Safety: Xavier must sustain campus maintenance, facility needs, and immediate student priorities. Our current situation requires increased campus security, medical and health center staff, and housekeeping/dorm staff to assure the safety of the Xavier community. 


We find ourselves in unprecedented times, and this calls for unprecedented philanthropy to support the mission-critical work to meet the needs of Xavier students, Xavier faculty, and the Xavier community.

This one-time fund will exist until September 1, 2020, giving the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations and Annual Giving sufficient time to meet the goal.

Leadership at Xavier began to craft this fund immediately after actions were taken as part of COVID-19 precautions and protocols.  Once it was determined that the university would undertake all necessary steps to ensure student safety and security, leadership launched the fund in mid-March 2020 as part of the immediate COVID-19 response plan. 

This fund is different from any other prior Xavier emergency fund, as it is intended to encourage support for the current needs of the university and its response to the current global pandemic. 

Yes.  Similar to current fundraising efforts, all unrestricted gifts will be directed to support the Xavier L.O.V.E. Fund, which meets the needs of Xavier’s top 5-6 priorities associated with our new reality of providing a seamless transition to virtual classrooms for students and faculty.

Yes.  Unless otherwise directed by a donor, the needs articulated by the University are the priorities that will be funded by the Xavier L.O.V.E. Fund.

All donors who have made a gift to the fund will be listed on a special page of the Xavier website dedicated to this purpose.  Additionally, donors can be listed in the Honor Roll of donors.

Ways to Give

Donors can make gifts in the following ways:
  • Online through the Xavier website
  • Transmitting checks to the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
  • Mailing address:

Xavier University of Louisiana

PO Box 650658

Dallas, TX 75265-9915

Contact information:

Alumni Relations Office
e: alumni@xula.edu
p: 504-520-5131