Presidential Vision and Strategic Principles

Since joining Xavier as President, I have been inspired by our identity, unique as the only Black, Catholic institution among all American colleges and universities. Our rich heritage as historically Black and our Catholic mission to promote a just and humane society, these define our history and also our future and purpose.

I am committed to our founding mission and honoring our African American tradition and Catholic values; and for this reason to sustaining our academic rigor, standards of excellence and outcomes, and to promoting an inclusive learning community for all Xavierites. 

Shared Values of Xavier's Mission

Xavier University of Louisiana will be celebrated for the quality of its educational experience, where students learn at the highest level in order to be of service, wherever they are called. Grounded in the history and experience of descendants of slaves, Xavier will educate its students and contribute to scholarship and knowledge so as to achieve a just and equitable society. This is realized primarily by formation of talented women and men in an inclusive educational environment, with the highest expectation and dedicated staff and faculty.

Thus, the university will innovate in it academic programs, campus culture, partnerships and engagements, both local and afar. To continue our march to tomorrow, aware of our yesterdays, we embrace the following strategic principles: 

Strategic Principles

  • Sustain our mission and honor our African American tradition and Catholic values
  • Maintain academic rigor, standards of excellence, and outcomes
  • Promote an inclusive learning community, welcoming to all
  • Elevate Xavier’s reputation and recognition
  • Contribute to equity and societal resilience in our region, especially by advancing high quality pre-collegiate education for all. 
  • Balance enrollment to increase non-STEM and health majors
  • Build programmatic breadth
  • Sustain and support environment of research and inquiry that addresses matters of import to the larger society as Church and to the African diaspora
  • Grow enrollment by attracting more adult learners especially through graduate programs

Reynold Verret Biography

Dr. C. Reynold Verret was unanimously elected Xavier University of Louisiana’s president by the Board of Trustees, taking office on July 1, 2016. Prior to his appointment as president, he has served as provost and chief administrative officer at Savannah State, Georgia’s first public historically black university. Immigrating from Haiti in 1963, Dr. Verret went on to complete his undergraduate degree with honors from Columbia University, a doctorate in biochemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Howard Hughes Institute for Immunology at Yale University and the Center for Cancer Research at MIT.

In addition to his role at Savannah State, Dr. Verret served as provost at Wilkes University in Northern Pennsylvania and as dean of the Misher College of Arts and Sciences at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. He also served as the chair of the chemistry at Clark Atlanta University, where he helped allocate close to $10 million in grant funding. His background in the sciences makes him particularly suited to Xavier, having developed programs to prepare STEM teachers, secure tuition support for teacher certification in STEM fields and affirm joint instructional and research programs.

As President of Xavier University, Dr. Verret leads the initiatives to build enrollment, enhance the quality and diversity of academic programs and to create cooperative relationships with neighboring institutions and with international partners.

His current vision for the future of Xavier to be a globally recognized University that celebrates diversity, fosters an intellectual environment of academic excellence, honors the legacy of Xavier as a historically black, Catholic University founded upon the teachings of St. Katherine Drexel and the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, and educates our future leaders to build a just and humane society.

Xavier University’s Strategic Planning Survey Update

The university’s Strategic Planning Survey has been reopened to provide another opportunity for students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the community to give their feedback on Xavier’s strategic direction for the next several years.

The Board of Trustees and I would like your input to understand the qualities you believe are essential for Xavier to have in the future. All stakeholders are invited to share their views through the survey, which 

  •  is completely anonymous
  •  takes about 15 minutes to complete 
  • must be completed in one sitting; the system does not save partial responses or surveys

It is extremely important that we hear from YOU for Xavier to progress to the next level of eXcellence.

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