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1. An application for admission. The University expects that answers to all questions on the application be accurate and truthful. Any falsification of information in the application may result in denial of admission or University disciplinary action. Applicants are encouraged to use one of the on-line applications. 

2. A transcript of credits from a regionally- and/or state-accredited high school indicating that the applicant has, or will complete, a minimum of sixteen academic units of secondary school work in college preparatory subjects, which include:

 English - 4 units 

Mathematics - 2 units (including Algebra) 

Science - 1 unit 

Social Science - 1 unit 

Languages or Other Academic Electives - 8 units 

3. Students interested in majoring in any of the mathematics-related fields (accounting, computer science, mathematics, mathematics education, or any of the natural sciences) ideally should have four years of college preparatory mathematics courses, including two years of algebra, one of geometry, and at least one semester of trigonometry. It is recommended that natural science majors, in addition to the above-mentioned mathematics courses, should also take biology, chemistry and physics in high school. 

4. Applicants who have not completed a regular high school program but who have taken the General Education Development test and obtained satisfactory grades may be admitted by presenting a high school equivalency certificate in lieu of a complete high school transcript. These certificates may be obtained through a student's State Department of Education. 

5. Scores from the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the American College Testing Program (ACT). Scores from tests taken between April of the junior year and January of the senior year are preferred. 

6. Recommendation from high school counselor

1. Complete and submit the Online Application.

2. Present an official copy of his/her transcript from each college-level institution attended. Applicant should be in good standing with the institution or eligible to return to it.

3. If applicant has fewer than 24 semester hours of transferable credit, secondary school records and standardized test results (ACT or SAT) may be required.

4. A resume or statement of activities may be required to account for extended periods of non-enrollment.

First-Time Freshman Applicants:

Documents Needed: 

• Secondary School Record (Transcript) in English 

• Letter of Recommendation from a secondary school official 

• ACT/SAT Results (if available) 

• TOEFL or IELTS Scores (Non-English speaking natives are required to submit) 

 Required Minimum Scores: TOEFL: Paper – 550 Internet-Based – 80 IELTS: 7.0 

• Xavier University Certificate of Financial Support- a notarized form indicating who will pay the cost of attendance. 

• Original certificate of national examination taken by the student (if applicable) 

• Additionally, if educated in a non-English speaking secondary school, you must submit a Course-by-Course evaluation of your secondary school work evaluated by a U.S. foreign credential evaluation service. (See recommended services below) 

Transfer Applicants – College of Arts & Sciences: 

Documents needed: 

• Official transcripts from each post-secondary school attended. If an applicant has had previous college work outside the United States, the applicant must have his/her records evaluated by a U.S foreign credential evaluation service. You must request a Course-by-Course evaluation of your transcript. Listed below are our recommended agencies: 

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.- Web Page: www.ece.org 

SpanTran Evaluation Services- Web Page www.spantran.com 

Josef Silny & Associates-Web Page: www.jsilny.com 

World Education Services-Web Page: www.wes.com 

• If not currently enrolled in college, submit a resume or statement of activities 

• High School Transcript if less than 20 credit hours of college work has been completed 

• TOEFL or IELTS Scores (Non-English speaking natives are required to submit) Required Minimum Scores: TOEFL: Paper – 550 Internet-Based – 80 IELTS: 7.0 

• Xavier University Certificate of Financial Support, a notarized form indicating who will pay the cost of attendance. 

Transfer Applicants – College of Pharmacy: 

See application instructions on the Xavier University website at the College of Pharmacy

Non-U.S citizens who do not have a “Green Card” or “Naturalized Citizenship” must include their foreign home address on the Application for Admission.

Students chosen to participate in Concurrent Enrollment are permitted to enroll in courses during the semesters or Summer prior to the senior year. Tuition scholarships are available for participation in this program. Students are permitted to enroll in freshman-level courses or other courses for which they have the necessary prerequisite. To remain in the program, students must maintain a “B” average. College credit earned will count toward a degree at Xavier. It is anticipated that participants will enroll full-time at Xavier after high school graduation. However, students who do not enroll full-time at Xavier after high school and wish to transfer credits earned during Concurrent Enrollment will be required to pay one-half the tuition according to the number of hours for which they enrolled. 

To be considered for admission into Concurrent Enrollment, a student must submit the following:

1. Xavier Application Form

2. ACT or SAT Scores

3. High School Transcript

4. High School Counselor Recommendation Form

Students may apply as non-degree seeking students at Xavier University and, if admitted, are eligible for enrollment on a term by term basis in the undergraduate program in the College of Arts and Sciences. Applications must be submitted and approved through the Office of Admissions. All required documents should be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the selected term.

  • Visiting (Transient) Students who are degree-seeking students at another institution may apply for enrollment at Xavier. Visiting students must obtain approval from their home institution for transfer credit from Xavier. Approval is dependent on verification that the student is in good academic standing.
  • Special Non-Degree Seeking Students are taking courses for enrichment or other special purposes. Students in this category must be high school graduates and provide evidence that they are eligible to take college-level courses at Xavier. Students in this category may accumulate a maximum of eighteen semester hours.

Transient Application


  • Completed application (Xavier University Online Application or The Common Application)
  • ACT or SAT Scores
  • High school Transcript
  • Counselor Recommendation Form or Letter of Recommendation

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