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Medical Spanish & Clinical Practicum

About the program: Now in its seventh year the XULA in Costa Rica program offers students  an incredible opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the Spanish language and Costa Rican culture while taking Spanish  2051: Spanish for Medical Personnel and participating in clinical practicums in Costa Rican clinics and hospitals. This program allows students to utilize their language skills with native speakers in an immersion setting.

The program will improve your Spanish language skills and give you more confidence when communicating with Spanish speaking patients. You will also increase your knowledge of global medical education all while earning SIX Xavier credits. You will have a chance to observe the organization of the Costa Rican healthcare system and therefore have a point of comparison and contrast when analyzing that of the United States. The Costa Rican health care system consistently ranks in the top 3 in Central and South America. You will have a unique opportunity to be of service to the community and to broaden your thinking about future medical practice.

  • Xavier University Faculty Leader: Professor Giti Farudi (
  • Location: San José, Costa Rica
  • Dates: Summer Session 1: May 30 - June 28
  • Program Cost: TBA 
  • Eligibility Requirements: 18 years old • Minimum 2.6 GPA
  • Partner Organization: CEA

Course Descriptions:

SPAN 2051: Spanish for Health Professionals (3 credit hours) The course is intended to introduce you to the practical language skills used in clinical settings and help you learn enough Spanish to interact with Spanish-speaking patients. This includes an emphasis on the common medical vocabulary that health care workers may encounter in the workplace.

The course also addresses colloquialisms and cultural competency in health care settings. 

The course focuses on vocabulary and situations unique to the medical professional and therefore of interest to a wide range of health professionals such as nurses, physicians, psychologists, counselors, and administrative staff.

Both current health care professionals and students wishing to expand their skill set before entering the field are encouraged to take this course.