Gene D'Amour, Ph.D.

Sr. VP for Resource Development

Gene D'Amour received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Philosophy of Science and Mathematical Logic. He received a faculty appointment to West Virginia University, where he was instrumental in refining, extending and disseminating a new approach to teaching problem solving, one of four in which the Exxon Education Foundation invested $7 million to encourage widespread dissemination. Dr. D'Amour left WVU to serve as a program manager/rotator for the National Science Foundation before moving to Tulane University in 1980. During his twenty-two-year-tenure at Tulane, Dr. D'Amour served in several capacities, including Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Associate Provost, Vice President for Research and Project Administration, and Vice President for Institutional Program Development and Government/Agency Affairs. While at Tulane, Dr. D'Amour developed and played a principal leadership role in implementing Tulane's Strategic Plan to increase research funding. During this period, Tulane increased its Federal R & D expenditures more than seven-fold, increased its total R & D expenditure ranking by twenty-three places, and its federal R & D ranking by fifteen. Dr. D'Amour served as Chairman of Louisiana's state-wide NSF EPSCoR Committee from 1985-2002. As Chair, he led the strategic planning process for the newly-created $250 million Board of Regents Support Fund. Also, he was instrumental in organizing the Coalition of EPSCoR States, a Washington based association established to enhance the competitiveness of scientists and engineers in states receiving low levels of federal R & D funding. D'Amour chaired this coalition as it initiated legislation that extended the NSF-EPSCoR program from one to eight Federal agencies and increased appropriations from $10 million to $350 million per year. Dr. D'Amour joined Xavier's administration as Senior Vice President of Resource Development in 2002. He has been a consultant to more than thirty universities, foundations and government agencies and has been a leader in promoting a variety of non-profit, charitable organizations in the greater metropolitan area of New Orleans. Dr. D'Amour has published one book, The Nature of Evidence, as well as numerous articles spanning the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences.