Dr. Elizabeth Manley

Associate Professor of History

Kellogg Endowed Professor

  • Ph.D. in Latin American History, Tulane University, 2008
  • M.A. in Latin American History, Tulane University, 2002
  • B.A. in History and Latin American Studies, University of Pennsylvania,
  • 1998

Specialties: modern Caribbean, gender, political participation and citizenship.

Dr. Manley teaches courses in Latin American, Caribbean, and World history, as well as thematic courses covering areas of interest such as gender, politics, human rights, and revolution. Her research interests focus primarily on issues of gender and participation in politics, nationalism and revolution, and political change in the modern Caribbean. In 2017 she published The Paradox of Paternalism: Women and Authoritarianism in the Dominican Republic (University Press of Florida) and has completed research articles for Caribbean Studies, the Journal of Women’s History, Small Axe, and The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History. She is a contributing editor for the Library of Congress’ Handbook of Latin American Studies and the co-chair of the Haiti-Dominican Republic section of the Latin American Studies Association. She is currently working on a new book project on the role of women in the development of modern Caribbean tourism tentatively titled Imagining the Tropics: Women, Tourism, and Caribbean Island Fantasy, 1890-1980.

Dr. Manley can be reached at (504)520-7409 or by e-mail at emanley1@xula.edu.