Daniel F. Sarpong, PhD

CMHDRE Director & Endowed Chair

Professor of Biostatistics

Division of Clinical & Administrative Sciences

Dr. Daniel F. Sarpong is currently the Director of the Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities Research and Education, Endowed Chair of Health Disparities and Professor of Biostatistics.  Prior to returning to Xavier University of Louisiana from Jackson State University (JSU), he was Research Professor of Biostatistics, Senior Biostatistician with RCMI Translational Research Network Data Coordinating Center, and Associate Director with the Center of Environmental Health at JSU.  In 2000-2010, he served in various capacities/positions at the Jackson Heart Study (JHS), the largest single site epidemiological study investigating the etiology and progression of cardiovascular disease in African Americans. 

He was Director, Co-Principal Investigator and Senior Biostatistician of the JHS Coordinating Center. His programmatic focus has been in the use of data from large epidemiological studies and intervention trials and the application of translational research approaches to mitigate both biological and social determinants of health disparities.


B.Sc.   Mathematics, University of Science & Technology, Ghana, 1981

M.S.    Mathematics, New Mexico Highlands University, New Mexico, 1986

Ph.D.  Biometry, Louisiana State University Medical Center (LSUMC), Louisiana, 1991

Teaching Areas:

PHCY 3600 –Drug Information & Literature Evaluation

PHCY 4600 –Drug Information & Literature Evaluation II

PHCY 5600 –Drug Information & Literature Evaluation III

PCLN 3630L 1-4 – Professional Abilities Lab I (Sections 1-4)

PCLN 4630L 1-3 – Professional Abilities Lab II (Sections 1-3)

PHAD 4220 – Public Health/Epidemiology

Research Interests: (as applies)

The programmatic focus of Dr. Sarpong’s research is in the areas of large epidemiological studies and lifestyle modification intervention trials designed to mitigate health disparities. Since 2000, of his research career has been focused on translational research exploring innovative approaches to mitigating both biological and social determinants of health disparities.  The application of Dr. Sarpong’s research interest and skills has been in the areas of cardiovascular disease & health; HIV/AIDS; pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research; statistical and mathematical modeling; and health informatics. 

Select Publications: (Selection out of 81 Publications)

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