Florastina Payton-Stewart, Ph.D.

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Short Professional Biography:
Dr. Florastina Payton-Stewart received a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Xavier University of Louisiana in 1999 and her PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry at Tulane University in 2007. After receiving her Ph.D., Dr. Payton-Stewart held a postdoctoral position at Tulane University Medical School from 2007-2010. She is the recipient of various honors, such as the Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans Fellowship, the GALA Dissertation Writing Fellowship, the Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium Fellowship the Susan G. Komen Postdoctoral Fellowship. She joined the Chemistry department faculty at Xavier University in August 2010.  During her tenure at Xavier University of Louisiana, she has mentored and trained several undergraduate students, technicians, and a postdoctoral fellow on projects related to the biological activity of natural phytoalexins.
Research Interest:
Dr. Payton-Stewart's research focuses on identifying novel therapeutics for cancer through the incorporation two discrete disciplines, synthetic chemistry and molecular biology. The Payton-Stewart research projects involves the design, synthesis, characterization, and biological screening of novel anti-cancer agents. The research further involves understanding the molecular mechanism and biological activity of naturally occurring plant phytoalexins and their analogs as they pertain to breast carcinomas.  One major focus of the Payton-Stewart research laboratory is to identify the structural activity relationship (SAR) of synthesize analogs.  This research laboratory designs anti-cancer agents for various forms of cancer such prostate, triple negative breast cancer, endocrine resistant breast cancer and lung cancer.
Current Grant Support:
PIs: Rachel Davis-Haley and Florastina Payton-Stewart
Project/Proposal Title:
STEM Educational Engagement (E2) Robert NOYCE Teacher Scholars at Xavier University of Louisiana.
Source of Support:
National Science Foundation (NSF) Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarships Program
Period Covered: January 1, 2015-December 31, 2019  

The Robert Noyce scholarship program at Xavier University of Louisiana is a student scholarship program focused increasing the number of highly qualified teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at the elementary, middle and high school level by providing Noyce Scholarships to outstanding junior and senior biology,chemistry, mathematics, physics, and computer science majors. 

PIs: Florastina Payton-Stewart and Shubha Ireland
Project/Proposal Title: Broadening Life STEM Participation Among Historically
Source of Support: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Period Covered: May 1, 2017 – April 30, 2020

The Broadening Life STEM Participation program is a program to aid in the professional development of faculty members from minority serving institutions (MSIs). The program covers best practices in areas of theoretical and conceptual framework; intervention models; quantitative and qualitative methods; budget; dissemination of data; evaluation; login models; and the stringent NSF review criteria. This program is designed to increase awareness, preparation, and productivity with respect to number of competitive proposals submitted from MSIs to promote transformative research on the science of broadening participational; evaluation of innovative models, intervention to improve the knowledge base of underrepresented minorities in STEM fields.
Recent Publications:
Phytochemicals: Current Strategies for Treating Breast Cancer. Bridg'ette B. Isreal, Syreeta L. Tilghman, KiTani Parker-Lemieux, and Florastina Payton-Stewart. Oncology Letters 15: 7471-7478, 2018.

Gong, Jingjing, Munoz, Amanda, Pingali, Subramanya, Payton-Stewart, Florastina, Chan, Daniel, Freeman, James, Ghosh, Rita, Kumar, Addanki Pratap.  Downregulation of STAT3/NF-κB potentiates gemcitabine activity in pancreatic cancer cells.   Molecular Carcinogenesis, May 2016.

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Payton-Stewart, F., Pingali, S. and Donahue, J.P. The chalcone derivative (E)-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-3-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)prop-2-en-1-one monohydrate. Acta Crystallographica 69E: 558-559, 2013.

Winfield, L.; Payton-Stewart, F.  Celecoxib and Bcl-2: Emerging Possibilities for Anticancer Drug Design. Future Medicinal Chemistry, 4(3) 361-383, 2012.

Payton-Stewart, Florastina, Bose, Rumu, Alworth, William, L., Kumar, Addanki, Ghosh, Rita.  4-methylcatechol-Induced Oxidative Stress in Metastatic Melanoma Cells Leads to Intrinsic Apoptotic Pathway.  Biochemical Pharmacology 81 (10): 1211-1218, 2011.

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Payton-Stewart, Florastina, Boue, M. Stephen, Elliott, Steven, Zimmerman, Carla M.,  Skripnikova, Elena V., Ashe, Hasina, Tilghman, Syreeta L., Beckman, Barbara S., McLachlan, John A., Bhatnagar, Deepak, Wiese, Thomas E., Erhardt, Paul, Burow, Matthew E.  Glyceollin I enantiomers distinctly regulate ER-mediated gene expression.  Steroids 75 (12): 870-878, 2010.

Zimmermann, C., Tilghman, S., Boue, S., Salvo, V.A., Elloitt, S., Williams, K., Skripnikova, E.V., Ashe, H., Payton-Stewart, F., Vanhoy-Rhodes, L., Fonseca, J.P., Corbitt, C., Collins-Burow, B., Howell, M., Lacey, M., Shih, B., Carter-Wientjes, C., Cleveland, T., McLachlan, J., Wiese, T., Beckman, B., Burow, M.E.  Glyceollin I, a novel anti-estrogen phytoalexin isolated from activated soy.  J Pharmacol Experimental Therapeutics 332 (1): 35-45, 2010.

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