September 23, 2020

New Orleans, LA. - Xavier University has maintained its ranking as Louisiana's top institution in regards to college grads who successfully enter the job market after commencement according to career experts at, an online platform geared towards empowering recent grads and job seekers with knowledge about their career paths and how those various paths will impact their professional lives. 

In the report, the top universities as it relates to graduate employability, were listed for each state in America. Xavier was ranked number one in Louisiana along with other colleges and universities who earned the top spot in their state including Spelman College in Georgia, Georgetown College in Kentucky, and The Rose-Hullman Institute of Technology in Indiana. 

Zippia career experts pulled the data for this report using the US Department of Education's "College Scorecard" from 2018-2019 to check employment rate data for all higher education institutions from coast to coast and then identified the ones with the highest placement rate in each state. For the 2020 report, Connecticut's Quinnipiac University has the best overall graduate employment rate in the country at 96.1%. 

For the rest of the report click the link here:

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