Dr. Biljana Obradovic, Professor of English at Xavier, recently released a book of poems by Zvonko Karanovic that she translated from Serbian. The book, “Sleepwalkers on a Picnic,” features an afterword written by Dr. Obradovic. Dr. Obradovic’s other publication to come out this year is a collection of essays, “Heavenly Muse: Essays on Poetry,” by the late poet, Philip Dracey that Dr. Obradovic edited. She also provided an introduction, interview, and tribute for the collection.

May 26, 2020

In 2016, Dr. Obradovic’s collection of poems, titled “Incognito,” came out through WordTech Communications. That same year, the anthology “Cat Painters: An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Poetry”  was published through Dialogos Press, which Dr. Obradovic co-edited and translated.


Dr. Obradovic has been a member of Xavier’s faculty for 23 years. Her poetic inspiration comes from her own life experiences. Her works have been influenced by her “great teachers,” including Greg Donovan, Dave Smith, Margaret Gibson, and many more. She also finds influence by poets and friends she enjoys, such as Bruce Weigl, Charles Simic, Carolyn Forche, T.S. Eliot, and more. Dr. Obradovic is recognized for featuring primarily direct imagery instead of using abstracts and metaphors, as well as her encompassing perspective as “World Citizen” due to her frequent travels and changing locations. Besides her native Yugoslavia, she has lived in Greece, India, and the US. 

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