Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official representative of students in University policy-making and administration. It is the party responsible for providing open forums for student issues and concerns; improving student life and providing leadership experience.

SGA is the liaison between the students, faculty and University administration, providing appointments to a variety of internal and University committees, task forces, and boards that establish or influence a wide range of policies, procedures and the general direction of academic and nonacademic programs and services offered at Xavier.

The mission of the Student Government Association is to provide experience in the democratic process; to encourage students to participate in all facets of the institution; to promote professionalism, efficiency, and ingenuity; and to promote and assist in the planning and implementation of student programs and activities

Express your concerns and/or report grievances to the Student Government Association or Get Involved by attending monthly student group meetings. Visit the SGA Org Sync page and our web page for more information.

SGA is located in the University Center, Suite 210 (corridor behind Bookstore). Contact us at, (504) 520-7367