Safety Alerts & Notices

Public Safety Informational Notification


Xavier Campus is Open

The Xavier University of Louisiana campus reopened this morning at 8:00 a.m. All classes and events will take place as scheduled. Welcome back.



Xavier Closure

Due to the heavy rainfall, moderate winds, and street flooding expected due to the approach of

Tropical Storm Barry, Xavier University will remain closed through Sunday, July 14, 2019. All classes and

other activities have been cancelled. Only essential personnel should remain on or report to

campus. Faculty, staff, and non-residential students should remain off campus.

The University has staged food, water, and other supplies for residential students. Residential students are

encouraged to refrain from traveling through flood prone areas. In order to best safeguard you

and the entire community, students are asked to report their departures from campus to their

Residence Hall staff.

XULA administrators have safeguarded the campus and will remain vigilant in protecting our

community. The University has staged food, water, and other supplies for residential students.

Academic Affairs has a plan in place to address missed instructional time. Students should check

directly with faculty regarding coursework.

Please continue to monitor the homepage, check your XULA email, XULA Safe

App and text messages for official information.

As we prepare for this weather event, let us pray for each other’s safety and join together to insure

XULA, its’ students, faculty, staff, and the entire community is well prepared and protected from

this storm. Please feel free to update your loved ones by sharing this message with them.


Due to inclement weather, there is standing water in various locations around the city. XUPD is in coordination with NOPD to barricade streets with standing water. 

Xavier University remains open at this time, all classes and other scheduled activities will occur as planned.

Campus Police will allow cars to park in Lot C (corner of So. Carrollton Ave. and Drexel Drive) and Lot P (corner of S. Genois St. and Drexel Drive) effective immediately until 6:30 a.m. tomorrow, Friday, April 5, 2019. XUPD ticketing will be suspended during this time period. Please note those streets around the University that are particularly prone to flooding:

 · Drexel Drive between Telemachus and Clark St.

 · Pine Street between Drexel Drive and Howard Ave.

 · The I-10 underpass and the I-10 entrance, both on South Carrollton Ave.

 · The Art Village, especially the Pine & Edinburgh Street area.

For on campus emergencies contact Campus Police at 520-7490. In case of an off-campus emergency, call 911 or the city’s emergency hotline at 311.

Please continue to monitor the homepage and check your XULA email, XULA Safe app, and @XULA1925 social media accounts for official information.


Vandalism and Vehicle Break-Ins of Vehicles Parked Adjacent to Convocation Center

For the protection and safety of Xavier University students, faculty, staff and neighbors, the Department of Public Safety releases the following informational notice:

The Xavier University Police Department (XUPD) is actively investigating six on-campus vandalism and vehicle break-ins that occurred last night, November 19, 2018, at 10:52 pm, along Short Street adjacent to the Convocation Center. 

To enhance your safety and protect your personal belongings, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Use good judgment to park your vehicle in a well-lit, highly-traveled area you are familiar with;
  • Store valuable items in secure places where they are out of plain sight;
  • Remain vigilant to insure your protection and the protection of the entire community;
  • Report all suspicious people, activity and behavior immediately to the XUPD at x7490 or NOPD at 911. 

If anyone has any information regarding these incidents or others, or to anonymously report a concern, please contact the XUPD at (504) 520-7490 or call 911. Other non-emergency reporting and informational resources include the XULA SAFE Mobile Application or the City of New Orleans hotline (504) 821-2222.

To review the full list of our recommended safety strategies, visit 

Campus safety continues to be our top priority, and as we move into the holiday season, criminality statistically has been found to increase. 

This information is issued for your safety in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act.

Criminal Incident Notification

LOCATION: St. Charles Ave. at Lowerline St.
DATE/TIME: 10/11/18 @ 8:50 p.m.

GIST: On Thursday, October 11, 2018, at approximately 8:50 P.M., two students were talking near their vehicles at the intersection of St. Charles Avenue and Lowerline Street. A black male in his early to mid-twenties approached from Lowerline Street and pointed a black handgun at them. The suspect demanded their cell phones, wallets, and the male victim’s headphones. The victims complied and the suspect fled on foot back toward Lowerline Street. A witness advised the victims that the suspect fled in an older model gray Chevrolet two-door sedan. 

Suspect Description: The victims described the suspects as follows: Black male, mid twenties, approximately 6’2”, 190lbs, dark complexion, wearing basketball shorts, a dark colored zip up hooded sweatshirt, and a multi-colored towel over his head.
Descriptions provided by victim/witness. Information about the race or ethnicity of alleged offenders is provided only to aid detailed descriptions that include physical stature, clothing or unusual characteristics. Racial descriptions do not, by themselves, offer a meaningful picture of an individual's appearance.

If you have any information about these crimes, call XUPD at 504-520-7490 or NOPD at 504-821-2222.

1. BE AWARE of your surroundings at all times.
2. REPORT suspicious activity immediately.
3. BE A GOOD WITNESS. Describe exactly what you observe with as many details as possible. Give complete descriptions such as sex, race, height, weight, hair color, clothing, etc.

Campus parking Violation memo - 10/23/2018

Xavier University of Louisiana 10/23/2018

Office of University Police

Information Memorandum

To: All Xavier Faculty, Staff and Students 

From: Chief Jacques S. Battiste

Date: October 23, 2018

Re: Costs Incurred for Parking Infractions Observed by City of New Orleans and XUPD

Good Morning Faculty/Staff/Student Xavierites:

Currently the City of New Orleans Parking Enforcement are ticketing and immobilizing vehicles belonging to Xavier faculty, staff and students in specific areas.

We want to help you avoid violations and immobilization of vehicles you park on city streets and on university property throughout Xavier’s footprint.

Below are a few tips to provide better awareness to all involved and to decrease costs for street parking infractions, I am identifying particular areas and examples that will definitely result in parking infractions from the City of New Orleans.

Example 1: Parking on Drexel Drive between the Music Building and the NCF building:

Take notice of the sign on the telephone pole that states “No Parking Anytime” at the entrance to the NCF driveway. If you look at the second picture, there are two further signs with the same message all the way to Short Street. The City will ticket all cars parked between these three posted signs on Drexel Drive.

Example 2: Parking in the driveway at the University Center Buildings:

Take notice of the sign on the pole that states “No Parking Anytime” at the entrance to the University Center driveway. If you look at the picture above, the vehicle is parked on the left curb and there is a second sign posted at the other end of the driveway. 

This is a university violation and the Xavier University Police will ticket and immobilize all cars parked there (24 hours a day) (Citation fee - $25 parking violation and $50 boot immobilization/removal fee.


Sitting in a vehicle on Short Street is considered being “parked” and is in violation as well. 

Example 3: Parking on city corners at least 20 feet from the signed corners/intersections:

Parking within 20 feet of intersections, crosswalks or stop signs (City of New Orleans citation fee - $40) (towable)

Again, take notice of the distance the above vehicle is parked from a corner or intersection. City Code states that each vehicle must be twenty feet from an intersection/crosswalk/or stop sign. 

Example 4: Parking/Stopping on Short Street (even if remaining in vehicle) where signs clearly state no stopping anytime:

Take notice of the sign on the poles that state “No Parking Anytime” all the way down Short Street. If you look at the picture above, the vehicle is parked on the right curb and there are signs clearly posted all the way to the roundabout. Sitting in a vehicle on Short Street is considered being “parked” and is in violation as well. 

This is a university violation and the City of New Orleans/Xavier University Police will ticket/immobilize the vehicle for being in violation.

Example 5: Blocking the left lane of Drexel when exiting the campus at Short Street blocks a two-lane road for vehicles entering Drexel Drive from Short Street:

The City of New Orleans continues to recognize Drexel Drive as a TWO-LANE ROADWAY (vehicles legally travel in both directions)

This is both a city and university violation and the Xavier University Police/NOPD will ticket vehicles traveling in violation on the wrong side of the road.

Example 6: Parking in the University President's parking spaces (Clearly Marked Reserved) in the Dixon Gold Lot between St. Mike's and KD Residence Halls:

These spaces are considered 24/7/365 and the vehicle parked in violation will be ticket/immobilize the vehicle for being in violation.

CITY of New Orleans Parking 101

The Department of Public Works/Parking Division issues citations when parking regulations, outlined in the City of New Orleans Municipal Code, are violated. Avoid parking citations by referencing the list of frequently violated parking regulations below.

Common Parking Violations:

  • Obstructing fire lanes (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant on either side (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking within 20 feet of intersections, crosswalks or stop signs (citation fee - $40) (towable)
  • Parking in bus or taxi cab zones (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking at an expired meter (citation fee $30)
  • Parking against the flow of traffic or on an angle (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking in freight or loading zones (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking for more than 10 minutes in passenger zones (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking at meters covered with yellow bags for special events or at broken meters
  • Parking within 3 feet of a driveway on either side, only upon a driveway owner’s request (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking on a sidewalk, as defined in Section 146-531 of the City Code, even if it is adjacent to your own property (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking within 50 feet of a railroad crossing
  • Parking trailers, campers or 18-wheelers on residential streets (citation fee $500)
  • Parking adjacent to a neutral ground (towable)
  • Parking vehicles larger than 22 feet in length overnight in the Central Business District
  • Parking within 18 inches of a marked or unmarked curb line
  • Having 1 unpaid outstanding parking violation &/or traffic camera violation. Vehicles are eligible for booting
  • Parking on a parade route 2 hours before the parade start time. Vehicles are eligible to be ticketed & towed by the DPW
  • Parking in Residential Parking Permit Zones without a permit for more than 2 hours (citation $75)
  • Parking on the neutral ground, playground or pedestrian mall (citation fee - $75)
  • Parking adjacent to the neutral ground (citation fee - $40)
  • Parking in the public right of way without a valid license plate
  • Parking in the public right of way for the purpose of displaying the vehicle is for sale
  • Unlawfully parking in a handicapped zone without proper permit (citation fee - $500). Guidance on how to obtain a mobility impaired hangtag is available here.
  • Parking in a Residential Parking Permit zone without a proper permit (citation fee - $75)
  • Towing fee (starts at $161.25, additional fees may apply)

* This is not a complete list of parking regulations. All regulations and restrictions are outlined in the City of New Orleans Municipal Code and can be accessed at

Contact Information

  • To request Parking Enforcement call daily 24-hours (504) 658-8100
  • For information on Residential Parking Permits call Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (504) 658-8200
  • Information on Payments: Tickets/Tows call (504) 525-0088 Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm
  • Auto Impound Service call (504) 658-8284 or (504) 658-8285 24-hours daily to confirm whether or not a vehicle has been impounded
  • Information on Boots call 504-599-5652 daily 24-hours
  • Information on Ticket/Tow Appeals hearings call (504) 658-8250 Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm