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14th RCMI Symposium on Health Disparities

December 1-3, 201
National Harbor, Maryland

RCMI Supported Faculty:

  1. Dr. Syreeta Tilghman, Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences 'ÄúGlyceollilln, a Novel Therapeutic Agent For Letrozole Resistant Human Breast Cancer'Äù
  2. Dr. Qian-Jin Zhang, Biology "T-cell Mediated Immune Response against Tumor Immune Escape Variants"
  3. Dr. Terry Watt, Chemistry "Determination of the Molecular Specificity Requirements for Substrates of HDACs"
  4. Dr. Florastina Payton-Stewart, Chemistry "Synthesis of novel anticancer agents which target the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway"
  5. Dr. Thomas Huckaba, Biology "Characterization of the functions of human mitotic kinesins in cancer progression"