Once completed and verified by CASPA, the Xavier University of Louisiana PA Program will send notification acknowledging receipt of your completed application. 

Applicants are holistically evaluated on the basis of their individual merits. Admission decisions are based on the following criteria: your CASPA application, academic performance (GPA & GRE), letters of recommendation, healthcare experience hours, personal statement of intent and performance during an in-person interview.

Application Updates

Application updates are accepted until August 1st.  

Official transcripts reflecting newly completed prerequisite coursework can be sent directly to Xavier University of Louisiana PA Program. Official hard-copy or electronic transcripts are accepted. Newly scheduled courses and received grades can be listed on CASPA via the Academic Update feature.


Select applicants will be invited to interviews, which begin in June of each year. Interview invitations will be extended via email communication. Interviews are conducted at Xavier University of Louisiana. Interviewees are required to bring a passport-size photo I.D.  Applicants should be prepared to address how information has been kept easily recallable. An interview does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Offers of Admission

Offers of admission will be made to selected applicants after their interview and sent by October 15. 

 Upon receiving an offer of admission, applicants must submit a $1000 non-refundable deposit to secure their seat. This deposit must be received within 10 calendar days from the date of the offer letter. Should any of the accepted candidates withdraw from the program prior to the start of classes, the position is offered to the highest-ranked candidate on the alternate list. 

Upon acceptance of an admission offer, applicants will be subject to a criminal background check. Should the background check yield any criminal information, the offer of admission may be revoked.


Admitted applicants must fulfill Technical Standards, as listed in our Policies section.

Acceptance into the Xavier University of Louisiana PA Program and successful completion of the program does not imply or guarantee that the student will be able to obtain state licensure upon graduation.