Xavier University of Louisiana Physician Assistant Program plans to educate physician assistants to become ethical, competent, and compassionate physician assistants who are dedicated to providing superior quality healthcare that contributes to the promotion of a more just and humane society by improving the healthcare of the diverse communities we serve.  

Xavier University of Louisiana Physician Assistant Program invites applications for the Principal Faculty Position. Email paprogram@xula.edu for more information.

Varsha Gusman, PA-C

Program Director

Dr. Abdul M. Khan, MD

Medical Director

Jill D. Fitzpatrick PA-C

Director of Clinical Education

Mary Genny Culotta, PA-C

Director of Didactic Education

Dr. Rhonda Deen

Clinical Assistant Professor of Clinical Education

Dr. Milton Hamblin

Clinical Assistant Professor of Didactic Education

Dr. Justin Wilson


Lori Mitchell-Bates

Administrative Assistant

Candice Wilson

Director of Assessment