During the clinical phase, students will complete a total of 11 rotations. Rotations last approximately four weeks. This includes 7 core rotations in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Behavioral Health, and Women’s Health. Each student will complete two elective rotations in a wide variety of areas based on their interests with the approval of the clinical coordinator. Each student will have a varied rotation sequence. The final semester will include an Inter-Professional Experience and two opportunities for a PA Externship Elective that last approximately 3 weeks each. In addition, students will participate in a Summative Course and Capstone Project.

  1. Students will wear identification pins and/or badges bearing their name and Xavier University of Louisiana Physician Assistant student status on their short white lab coat (pocket or sleeve location). 
  2. Students will verbally identify themselves as a Physician Assistant student from the Xavier University of Louisiana Physician Assistant Program during all patient and professional encounters at the preceptor site or when representing the profession or the program.
  3. Physician Assistant students must be clearly identified in the clinical setting to distinguish them from physicians, medical students, and other health profession students and graduates. (Accreditation Standard B3.01)
  4. Students are not required to provide or solicit clinical sites or preceptors. The program must coordinate clinical sites and preceptors for program required rotations. (Accreditation Standard A3.03)
  5. Coordinating clinical practice experiences involves identifying, contacting and evaluating sites and preceptors for suitability as a required or elective rotation experience. Students may make suggestions to principal faculty for sites and preceptors but are not required to do so.
  6. Student suggested sites and preceptors are to be reviewed, evaluated and approved for educational suitability by the program.
    The program will not rely primarily on resident physicians for didactic or clinical instruction. (Accreditation Standard A2.15)