Personal Safety Tips

  • Stay alert, be aware of your surroundings
  • Stand tall, walk purposefully. Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave.
  • Travel in groups, especially during city wide celebrations such as Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, ¬†
  • Plan your travel route before you leave for your destination
  • Always keep at least one hand free
  • Carry as little cash as possible and be careful when in checkout lines and ATMs
  • Keep "emergency" money for cab fare, bus fare, or a telephone call
  • If you suspect you're being followed by someone on foot, cross the street and head for the nearest well lighted, populated area. Walk quickly or run to a house or store and call the police
  • If you are being followed by someone in a car, change direction immediately. Try to get the cars license number and description.
  • Never hitchhike or accept a ride from a stranger
  • Save emergency numbers in your cellular phone. The numbers for XUPD, NOPD, and 911 should be programmed on speed dial in your telephone