The Office of Students Accounts will be available to answer questions and provide counseling regarding fiscal clearance during the hours of 8 AM CST to 6PM CST. Please contact any of the following Student Accounts Representatives for assistance:

Name E-Mail AddressTelephone Number
Yvonne Parkeryparker@xula.edu504-520-5227
Kelley 504-520-5225
Sheree Millersmiller@xula.edu504-520-5722
Lisa Harrellharrell@xula.edu504-520-6218
Kuiana Jameskmaddiso@xula.edu504-520-5231
Trenice Davis 504-520-5317
Patricia 504-520-5237

Please note that if you call the Main Student Accounts Telephone Line (504- 520-7667) your call will be systematically routed to the next available Student Accounts Representative.