The following forms and documents are utilized by the Student Accounts Department (Student Accounts) to process student transactions. If you should have questions regarding any of these forms and documents, please Contact a Student Accounts Representative. Please fill out the form(s) before printing and then submit them to the Office of Student Accounts.

• Bank Wire Transfer 

This form is required to be utilized to process wire transfers. 

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)Form 

In accordance with FERPA, the Student Accounts Department does not disclose student information to other parties without the consent of the student. The student can complete an On-Line FERPA Form by utilizing their Banner Web account and performing the following steps: 

1. Enter into your internet browser. 

2. Enter your “User Name” (i.e. Windows User Name) and “Password” (i.e. Windows Password”; then click “Sign In”. 

3. Click on “Banner Web”. 

4. Click on “Manage FERPA Contacts” 

Release of Parent PLUS Refund Check-Authorization Letter 

The Authorization Letter is only utilized if a parent elects to have a student obtain a PLUS Refund Check. Also, an Authorization Letter must be provided to Student Accounts each time a PLUS Refund check is obtained by a student. 

Student Refund Request Form 

The Student Refund Request Form should be utilized if a refund is generated from personal payments or scholarships. The Student Refund Request Form should be either emailed ( or faxed (504-520-7987) to the Office of Student Accounts. 

Direct Deposit Authorization Form 

This form provides Xavier University with an authorization to initiate a direct deposit to a student’s checking or savings account for a refund, stipend or travel reimbursement. When presenting this authorization to Student Accounts, the student must also include a voided check, bank statement or a direct deposit setup form from their bank. The submitted documentation must include the student’s name and bank information. 

Title IV Authorization 

This form allows the University to utilize a student’s excess federal financial aid funds toward miscellaneous charges (bookstore charges, health insurance fee, lab charges, etc.) that are incurred by the student. 

W9S-Request For Students Taxpayer ID Certification 

In the event the University does not have a Student’s Social Security Number on file, the student should complete the form W-9S-Request for Students Taxpayer ID Certification in order to receive a 1098-T Statement.