Process for Intellectual Property

For additional information, contact Associate VP of the ORSP, Kaneisha Bailey Akinpelumi (

  • Inventor completes an invention disclosure form 
  • The form is routed to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for review 
  • The Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs determines whether the invention warrants further assessment 
  • If further assessment is warranted, an independent assessment of patentability and marketability is conducted 
  • A representative from ORSP holds a meeting with the inventor(s) to discuss the assessment 
  • A decision is made as to whether or not a patent application is to be filed 
  • A patent attorney may be selected to work with the inventor to prepare the provisional patent application 
  • The provisional application is filed in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 
  • One year after the filing, the inventor(s) and the Associate Vice President for Research determine the appropriateness of continuing the patent process in the United States and/or internationally 

 Marketing/Commercialization of Intellectual Property

It is the policy of the University to encourage the development and marketing of Intellectual Property, resulting from University research so as to benefit the public. After submitting a patent application, faculty will work with Xavier’s Technology Transfer Office and/or external Technology Transfer firms, to market and commercialize the Intellectual Property. Appropriate companies will be contacted to assess their interest in obtaining a license to the patent. When an appropriate commercial partner is identified by the Technology Transfer Office, a license agreement will be negotiated and executed. For more information, please contact the ORSP.