Throughout the year, there are several funding opportunities where the sponsoring agency limits the number of proposals a single institution may submit. Therefore, the ORSP has developed and piloted the following procedure to be used when more Xavier (the University) researchers express interest in submitting a proposal than the specific opportunity allows.

  1. ORSP sends an email to the appropriate faculty listservs with the limited submission funding announcement. The email asks interested researchers to respond via email so that ORSP can track the number of potential proposal submissions.
  2. Should that number exceed the sponsor’s limit, ORSP will contact each potential Principal Investigator (PI) individually and inform them that an Internal Competition will be conducted to select the proposals that the University will submit in response to the funding opportunity. 
  3. The ORSP will establish the criteria/documentation that will be required from each potential applicant as well as the criteria/rubric on which this documentation will be evaluated. This will be based on the criteria found in the RFP/FOA and possible suggestions from the Sponsoring Agency’s Program Officer(s).
  4. The Associate VP for Research and Sponsored Programs (Assoc VP) or the Assistant Vice President - PreAward for ORSP will either 1) engage our external research consultants (Hanover Research) to conduct the reviews or 2) solicit potential reviewers from within Xavier. Within Xavier, an internal review committee will have an uneven number of members ranging from three to seven. The Assoc VP is a standing member of each committee. The other committee members represent the academic disciplines most closely aligned to the focus of the funding opportunity and the departmental affiliations of the potential PIs. Should more reviewers indicate their willingness to serve on a committee than is needed, then the Assoc VP will select the final review committee members. 
  5. Each reviewer will be provided with the funding announcement and asked to thoroughly read it prior to the convening of the committee.
  6. Potential PIs will submit their documentation to the Assistant Vice President - PreAward for ORSP. All submissions will be pre-reviewed to insure the documentation does not identify the researcher, and to ensure that the all of the necessary criteria/documentation for the Internal Competition is received. Once that has been completed for all of the potential PIs, the documentation will be presented to the reviewers for reading and initial scoring.
  7. The committee members will convene to discuss the results of their individual reviews and to ultimately come to agreement on those proposals they will recommend for further development and submission from Xavier.
  8. The ORSP will aim to ensure that the Internal Competition is fair, unbiased, and anonymous. Once the internal competition is completed, all applicants will receive a summary of the review and the score assigned by either Hanover or the internal review committee.
  9. The ORSP will conduct the Internal Competition as early as possible to ensure that investigators whose proposals are selected will have sufficient time to meet the submission deadline.