IACUC - Animal Research

The deadline for receipt of application to IACUC Chairman is the last Monday of the month for the following month’s IACUC meeting.

Before entering information into the form, download this form using FILE, SAVE AS to your computer. Email this form and supporting documents to IACUC CHAIR (Dr. Patience Obih @ poobih@xula.edu). Sign and send the assurance page to Office of Sponsored Programs, Administration Building Room 217C. Complete each item of this form or mark “Not Applicable” or “NA.” Navigate the form using the arrow keys or mouse. To access links, use CTRL + clink link. If you have a problem using the form go to: Using IACUC form: Email: poobih@xula.edu, call 504-520-7656 or visit XULA Animal Resource Facility website: for help and links to other resources such as the Animal Welfare Act: http://www.nal.usda.gov/awic/legislat/usdaleg1.htm and Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/olaw/references/phspol.htm