Cayuse 424 is a web-based, user-friendly proposal development and submission system that is configured and ready for XULA faculty to use. Cayuse 424 is used to develop, assemble, and route all Federal proposals. If you are planning to respond to a federal funding opportunity, you are expected to use the Cayuse 424 system for proposal development, electronic final routing and approval, and submission of your proposal. Please note that the final proposal submission is done by ORSP. 

Please note that the Proposal Clearance process will still take place 2 weeks prior to the proposal due date and will be done outside the Cayuse 424 system in the current manner. The Final Routing process will still take place 5 business days prior to the proposal due date and will be done in the Cayuse 424 system. 

Please note that prior to accessing & utilizing the Cayuse 424 system, you must have an account & obtain a username and password from ORSP. Please send an email to to request a CAYUSE 424 account; in the Subject line, please type, "Cayuse 424 Account Request.