Professional Experience Program

Professional Experience Program (PEP) General Description

The purpose of the Professional Experience Program (PEP) within the College of Pharmacy is to expose students to various
pharmacy practice experiences within the profession. This is accomplished through the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
(IPPE) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) as structured experiential courses. Students are exposed to the concept
of professionalism, developing practice skills and gaining exposure to a variety of career opportunities. Ultimately, PEP coordinates
opportunities for active participation and comprehensive experiences such that students gain the required skills and judgment
necessary within the pharmacy profession. 

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) 

The Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience program was developed in response to the Accreditation Standards set forth by the
Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) to provide early experiential learning opportunities for pharmacy students throughout the curriculum. During the first three professional years, students gain a total of 300 hours of experience exploring the concept of professionalism, developing practice skills, gaining exposure to a variety of career opportunities, and gain hands-on experience within the
pharmacy profession. Multiple opportunities for reflection and group discussion are provided throughout the program.
The Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience program is essential for students entering the professional curriculum to acquire a broad
overview of pharmacy and its role and responsibility in health care through several early learning opportunities to include valuable
service to the community, active involvement in traditional community and institutional settings and an opportunity to develop
pharmaceutical care plans used in patient case presentations in the acute care and ambulatory care settings.
The Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience course series includes:

1st Year: Service Learning and Patient Interviewing Experience
2nd Year: Practice Skills Experience
3rd Year: Clinical and Patient Counseling Experience

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

The Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Program (APPE) is a structured experiential course designed to educate students to think and act
independently as pharmacy practitioners during the fourth professional year. The principle mechanism used in experiential training is to place
students in practice environments where they will encounter multiple challenges.
The program consists of 42 weeks of APPE rotations. Each rotation is 6-weeks in duration beginning in July and continuing through May of the
following year. Each student is required to complete the following:
1- Community Pharmacy Practice Rotation
1-Institutional Pharmacy Practice Rotation
1-Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Practice Rotation
1-Acute Care Pharmacy Practice Rotation
3-Elective Clinical Specialty Pharmacy Practice Rotations
The College of Pharmacy currently has over 500 preceptors and facility sites combined in clinical pharmacy, community pharmacy, institutional pharmacy and specialty pharmacy practice to facilitate the APPE experiences.