Innovative Pharmaceutical Sciences Research

The College of Pharmacy students and faculty discoveries significantly impact the lives of the world's patients. Our research encompasses a broad spectrum, from understanding molecules at one end to ensuring the right patient receives the right medication at the other.


Dr. Yashoda Pramar

Congratulations to Dr. Yashoda Pramar for receiving the SILVER AWARD from the U.S. Pharmacopeial Commission in recognition of two drug stability studies accepted as official monographs under the Donor Recognition Program. Her research team includes Mr. Richard Graves, Dr. Bostanian and Dr. Mandal.

Silver Award Recipient

Research Centers

Our researchers are leading the way to better the lives of patients around the globe right at Xavier

LCRC at Xavier University Goals To develop a cancer research infrastructure at Xavier University that will support current and future faculty; develop a new core, enhance research funding opportunities for faculty development and growth.

The Mission of the Center for Health and Health Disparities Research and Education is to improve health outcomes of diverse communities disproportionately impacted by health and health care disparities, through community engagement and partnerships in research, education, and practice.

The purpose of the Centers of Excellence Scholars Program is to educate and train African American students in research methods and to provide opportunities for them to participate in basic and clinical research. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of minorities in biomedical research where they remain underrepresented.

The main purpose is to teach students how to tackle disease treatment in a culturally sensitive and humane way.