College of Pharmacy FAQs

Other Admissions Information for Transfer and International Students

Approximately 400 applications are received annually

Approximately 150 are admitted each year

As of July 2014, Xavier University College of pharmacy‘s applications are to be submitted through PharmCAS

A student is not required to have a degree to apply to the College of Pharmacy

Transfer credits for Theology/Religion and Philosophy courses will be excepted if the course is taken or equivalent to those offered by Xavier University Theology/ Religion courses submitted for transfer credit must be taken through the institutions Theology or Religion Department. A general ethics course will not substitute for health ethics (PHIL 2400). The course must be equivalent to a bio medical or health ethics course taught in a Philosophy Department.

Deficiencies and coursework will delay and admissions decision. Students with a 2.75 GPA and pre-pharmacy courses are eligible for an interview. It is highly recommended that students complete all pre-pharmacy requirements by the end of the first summer session. 

Transfer students from other pharmacy programs are not accepted.

The college is committed to providing students with academic and professional development resources via the Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) for more information on the support and services offered please visit  (Academic Enrichment Program (AEP)

Transfer Students:

Xavier University classifies students who apply to the university to complete their pre-pharmacy coursework as transfer students.  As such, these students must comply with the requirements for admission to Xavier University.

In general, the College of Pharmacy does not accept transfer students from other colleges or schools of Pharmacy.  However, these students may be considered for admission under exceptional circumstances.  Each request for transfer is evaluated on an individual basis.

International Students:
They will be required to submit the following:

  • a letter of recommendation from a secondary school official.
  • Original certificate of national examination taken by the student
  • Xavier University Certificate of Financial Support (use link to document) ADD:¬† Applicants should review the University's "Information for International Students"

(Notarized affidavit of support indicating who will pay the cost of attendance)

  • Non English speaking natives are required to submit official TOEFL (test of English as a Foreign Language) scores.