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  •  PASSWORD: Your Windows Password

Helpful Information

If you are having any problems remembering your password please call the ITC Helpdesk at: 504-520-7446 or use the online password management tool HERE.

Before you call or login to the system, take a quick look at the following list of questions and try to prepare answers where possible. These are the questions the ITC Help Desk staff might ask or you may need when filling your ticket request in order resolve your problem.

  •  Which Operating System are you using? Windows (XP, 2000, 98, NT) or Mac (X, 9, 8)?
  •  What are you trying to do?
  •  What is happening?
  •  What error messages are you encountering?
  •  What specific commands or devices are involved?
  •  What is the exact page URL of the problem?
  •  Is anyone experiencing the same problem?
  •  When was the last time the activity last worked?
  •  Does the problem occur every time? If not, describe the conditions under which it does or does not occur.
  •  What corrective actions, if any, have you taken? What were the results?