Immunization Requirements

Immunization Requirements

Louisiana Law (R.S.17:170) and Xavier University requires all students entering Xavier University of Louisiana to submit the required immunizations listed below.  

Returning students will be required to update those immunizations that are outdated. Please contact Student Health Services @ (504)520-7396 to confirm which immunizations you will need to update.

  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR): Two (2) doses of live vaccine required at least 28 days apart, 1st MMR dose must be given on or after the first birthday. If born prior to 1957, vaccine not required. Documentation of immunity by the serologic test is also acceptable.
  • Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis (Td, T-dap): One (1) dose of vaccine given within the past ten (10) years.  
  • Meningococcal Meningitis (Quadrivalent vaccine A, C, Y, W-135): One (1) dose required at 16 years of age or older.  Not required for those 55yrs.or older.
  • Tuberculosis Questionnaire: All students entering the university must complete the tuberculosis questionnaire (Tb).  
  • COVID-19 Vaccine: Two (2) doses of the Moderna vaccine required at least 28 days apart or Two (2) doses of Pfizer vaccine at least 21 days apart or One (1) dose of Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccine. Second doses administered within a grace period of 4 days earlier than recommended date is valid and second doses administered up to 6 weeks after the first dose is valid. Please identify the vaccine taken by circling Moderna or Pfizer on the form or you may attach a copy of your vaccine card.

Directions for completion of the Required Immunizations Form

  • Page 1 is required for all individuals with the exception of online students who will not be attending classes on campus.
  • Page 1 must be completed, signed and stamped by the student’s physician/medical provider. Make sure the health provider provides copies of lab reports, if applicable.
  • Only state computer-generated printouts of previous vaccines will be accepted without a physician signature and clinic stamp.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  • Consent for Care Form must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian for those students that are 17 years of age or younger.
  • Please have the required immunization form completed and return prior to registration. Failure to do so will result in your registration being delayed.

Instructions to Submit

Mail: Xavier University of LA, 1 Drexel Drive - Box 36, New Orleans, LA 70125

Drop Off: Xavier University of LA, St. Joseph Academic & Health Resource Center, Suite 217                                                                                                                   

Fax: (504)520-7962   

Secure Upload into Patient Portal: You first have to receive your Xavier Login Information (email address) and Student ID prior to uploading the Immunization Compliance Form. (Note: It takes approximately 24-48 hours for Xavier’s system to link with the Patient Portal.

Immunizations FAQs

Students with medical contraindications must submit a completed Request for Medical Exemption Form

Students with a religious affiliation that prevents them from getting immunizations must submit a completed Request for Religious Exemption Form

Acceptable documents include:

  • a document signed by a health care provider that indicates the names of vaccines and the dates you received them, OR
  • a copy of your immunization records from your previous school on the school’s letterhead,
  • lab results showing your immunity.
  • State computer generated printouts of previous vaccines will be accepted without a physician signature.

Once we receive your information our staff will review your records. Please allow 3 weeks for processing. Once we verify that you have met all the immunization requirements, you will receive a secure message through the patient portal indicating that you are compliant. If you are missing any required vaccines, the secure message will indicate that you are non-compliant and will include instructions. You can monitor your status on the patient portal.

You can contact your pediatrician’s office, your high school, your previous college, etc. and ask if they have your records. 

If you cannot obtain records, please make arrangements to receive the vaccines again OR provide serology results that show immunity.

Students requesting an exemption for a non-medical reason must write a letter explaining their objection in detail. 

Any student who is granted an exemption from required immunizations will be excluded from campus in the event of an outbreak. The University does not refund any tuition or fees to students who are unable to attend or complete classes or coursework due to exclusion from campus for lack of immunizations.  Further, students who receive exemptions are required to release and hold harmless the University and its trustees, officers, agents, servants and employees from any liability incurred or sustained by the University which arises out of the University's consideration of, or ultimate decision to grant, an exemption request.

Students who are interested in residing in Xavier University of LA on or off-campus residential halls must complete all required immunizations before moving in. No exemptions are allowed. No Exceptions.

Students enrolled in Online Programs are not required to meet immunization requirements.

Louisiana law (R.S. 17:170 - Schools of Higher Learning) requires proof of dates of immunization against measles, mumps, rubella, and tetanus-diphtheria for all first-time students born on or after January 1, 1957, and for reentering students (born on or after January 1, 1957) who have been out of school for one semester or longer. The following guidelines are presented for the purpose of meeting the established recommendations for control of vaccine-preventable diseases, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to the United States Public Health Service (ACIP), and the American College Health Association (ACHA). In addition, current Louisiana legislation now mandates meningitis vaccination for persons being admitted to a postsecondary education institution for the Fall 2006 semester and thereafter.

You may obtain immunization records at any time. The fastest, easiest way is to log into the Patient Portal, click on the “Immunization” section and print your own copy. If you are unable to access the records online, you may visit Student Health Services in person or fax the Medical Release form to SHS (504) 520-7962. There is no fee for printing immunization records.

The information is on the website:

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