IB Credit

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is an assessed programme for students aged 16 to 19. It is respected by leading universities across the globe. College credit is awarded for students who participated in IB programs and scored at least a 4 on the exam for Higher Level courses only. Some medical and dental schools do not accept credit for IB. Therefore, students should consult with their academic advisor regarding these courses. In order to receive credit, students should ensure official scores are sent to the Office of Admissions.

IB Credit Table

SUBJECT EXAMMinimum ScoreEquivalent CourseSEMESTER HOURS
Biology, Standard Level6BIOL 1030/L  BIOL 1040/L6
Biology, Higher Level5BIOL 1230/L4
Biology, Higher Level6BIOL 1230/L  BIOL 1240/L8
Gen. Chemistry, Sub Level6CHEM 1010/L4
Chemistry, Higher Level5CHEM 1010/L4
Chemistry, Higher Level6CHEM 1010/L  CHEM 1020/L8
Computing Studies, Higher Level5CPSC 10053
Economics, Higher Level5ECON 10303
English, 1 st language, Higher Level5ENGL 10103
English, 1 st language, Higher Level6ENGL 1010  ENGL 10206
French, Standard Level5FREN 10103
French, Standard Level6FREN 1010  FREN 10206
French, Higher Level4FREN 10103
French, Higher Level5FREN 1010  FREN 10206

SUBJECT EXAMMinimum ScoreEquivalent CourseSEMESTER HOURS
German, Standard Level5GERM 10103
German, Standard Level6GERM 1010  GERM 10206
German, Higher Level4GERM 10103
German, Higher Level5GERM 1010  GERM 10204
History of Americas, Higher Level5HIST 2010  HIST 20206
HIST Europe/ME5HIST 1***3
HIST 20 th Century World5HIST 10503
Information Technology in Global Society5SOCI 1*** Elective3
Mathematics Studies, Standard Level5MATH 10304
Mathematics, Higher Level5MATH 10704
Advanced Mathematics, Standard Level5MATH 10704
Physics, Higher Level6PHYS 20103

Psychology, Higher Level5PSYC 10103
Spanish, Standard Level5SPAN 10103
Spanish, Standard Level6SPAN 1010  SPAN 10206
Spanish, Higher Level4SPAN 10103
Spanish, Higher Level5SPAN 1010  SPAN 10206