High School Students

Concurrent Enrollment Program

The Xavier University Concurrent Enrollment Program allows a limited number of high school students with high-level academic ability to advance their college careers by earning college credit while in high school. 

Admissions Information

Students chosen to participate in Concurrent Enrollment are permitted to enroll in courses during the semesters or Summer prior to the senior year. Tuition scholarships are available for participation in this program. Students are permitted to enroll in freshman-level courses or other courses for which they have the necessary prerequisite.

To remain in the program, students must maintain a “B” average. College credit earned will count toward a degree at Xavier. It is anticipated that participants will enroll full-time at Xavier after high school graduation. However, students who do not enroll full-time at Xavier after high school and wish to transfer credits earned during Concurrent Enrollment will be required to pay one-half the tuition according to the number of hours for which they enrolled.

To be considered for admission into Concurrent Enrollment, a student must submit the following:

1. Xavier Application Form

2. ACT or SAT Scores

3. High School Transcript

4. High School Counselor Recommendation Form

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