The goal of Xavier's Graduate Programs is to educate men and women to advance the quality of human life through scholarship, teaching and service. Graduate Programs focus on the disciplines of education, counseling, and theology. Scholarship, teaching and service are integral to students' educational experience which extends beyond the classroom into the community.

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Research, Study Abroad, Academic Success

Learn more about the facets of the Xaviers Graduate programs 

  • Conduct and Expand  research that can be used and applied in an effort to help people understand and control their environment
  • Explore new programs such as a Master in  Speech Language Pathology and Public Health 
  • Join international societys and Experience teaching and researching abroad 

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> MAT 2018-2019 Test Dates > Masters in Speech Language Pathology 
> Graduate Checklist > Masters in Ed. and Counseling
> Information for Graduate International Applicants> Masters in Health Equity 
> Professional Reference Form> ED.E inEducation Leadership

> Institute of Black Catholic Studies