Department of CARE

CARE at Xavier University of Louisiana is an integrated and holistic program that focuses on first-year, first generation students to provide them targeted support as they progress through their first year of college. The CARE Program is built on four pillars: Career Readiness (C), Academic Efficacy (A), Resilience (R), and Engagement (E). Career Readiness ensures students are prepared to successfully transition into the workforce. Academic Efficacy enhances students’ belief that they have the necessary preparation to succeed in their college-level academic coursework. Resilience enhances students’ ability to confront and overcome any barriers to their success. Engagement helps students to become a part of the Xavier community such that it supports their continued growth and success. These areas have proven to be critical to student success, particularly to those who are first generation. Through a supportive network, CARE provides first-year, first generation students with coherent and connected opportunities to prepare, perform, and progress in the four areas of CARE. The CARE network includes three critical elements: CARE Coaches, CARE Colleagues, and CARE Circles. The CARE Coaches are primarily responsible for supporting their CARE Students’ success. They will serve as advisors, advocates, and accountability agents for their CARE Students. CARE Colleagues will serve as peer mentors who work with the CARE Coaches to help familiarize CARE Students with the Xavier community and use their experiences to serve as allies. Each CARE Student will participate in a CARE Circle, which facilitates involvement in the campus environment and fosters a sense of community and belonging.

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